One Million Cups
Program Objectives:
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Community Building
Weekly Sessions Include:
  • Peer to Peer Learning
  • Relationship Building
  • Engaged Discussion
  • Announcements of Community Activities
  • Coffee
Past Speakers for Large Group Sessions include
  • Doug Burgum, Kilbourne Group
  • Clint Howitz, dogIDs
  • Kathy Cochran, Intelligent InSites
  • Dr. Tim Alvarez, NDSU
  • Jenni Huotari, Eide Bailly
Cost: $150 per intern

Intern Experience

Interns are awesome, and we want to give them the best experience of their life. That’s why we started the Intern Experience program – it gets interns to know each other, and the Fargo-Moorhead community.

The eight-week program is open to interns working for any organization. Participating interns are put into small groups for weekly sessions that focus on developing soft skills, fostering friendships among the interns, and engaging them in the community.

In addition, there are also four large group sessions where interns hear from leaders in the community. The end result is a summer long experience that has lasting impact on all who participate. Check out this video (Thanks Grassfire):


The curriculum for Intern Experience is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership, which views leadership as a process and not a position. It focuses on collaboration and creating positive social change in organizations and communities. The model helps develop greater self-knowledge as well as guiding interns through discussions about their impact on organizations and community.

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Past Participating Companies

Kilbourne Group
Kilbourne Group
Catalyst Medical Center
Catalyst Medical Center
Intelligent InSites
Intelligent InSites
Myriad Mobile
Myriad Mobile


Being part of the Intern Experience last summer helped me better shape my goals for different internship opportunities. It also opened up my eyes to the extent of the intern network that has been established here in Fargo.

- Sena Bizuwork, Intelligent InSites

I'm grateful that I participated in the Intern Experience was an awesome way to grow professionally. When you’re in a group like this, you’re able to connect with people who are having similar experiences, and learn from what they’re doing. It was awesome to have that extra community, and to be able to share challenges and successes. Most of the topics we covered were things I had wanted to improve on, but had no idea where to start. This program is basically the best professional development I’ve ever done.

- Rachel Neumiller, Greater Fargo Moorhead EDC

One thing I learned and applied at my job was how to self-evaluate my skill set and determine which areas I need to improve upon.

- Alex Job, Eide Bailly LLC

Being a part of the Intern Experience last summer helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses in an environment with my peers. I found that many of the students in the program encountered similar (if not the same) difficulties as I had throughout the summer. The Intern Experience gave me that vital connection point with my peers, which is essential to growing as a professional in any industry or field.

- Justin Odney, Barry Foundation