World’s largest for-profit healthcare facilities operator signs enterprise contract with Intelligent InSites



Intelligent InSites has announced a multi-year, enterprise-wide license agreement with Hospital Corporations of America (HCA), the largest for-profit healthcare facilities operator in the world.

“One of our major customers…and also an important investor of ours, is Hospital Corporations of America,” Waslaski said at a 1 Million Cups Fargo announcement. “They signed with us, the deal is done, and our team is very excited to go much more deeply with that whole enterprise.”

InSites’ stated in a press release that HCA’s licensing agreement includes Intelligent InSites products with the capability of real-time locating for staff and patients, asset optimization, environmental monitoring and emergency department patient flow.

The licensing agreement includes software products along with configuration, deployment, technical support and maintenance, they said.

Waslaski said he would not disclose the dollar amount of the license, but he did say the contract  “is a big part of [Intelligent InSites’] growth for 2016 and 2017.”

Intelligent InSites is a leading healthcare operations support organization that uses real-time data in healthcare operations and patient care. The company, founded in 2003, has experienced rapid growth in recent years, Waslaski said. It tripled its customer base in 2014, and doubled its’ customer base in 2015, he said.

Hospital Corporations of America (HCA) is growing as well, with over 204,000 team members and 265 hospitals in their network, 10 of which are international, Waslaski said. In April 2014, InSites announced HCA as an investor and President of the National Group, Chuck Hall, joined Intelligent InSites’ Board of Directors.

The total investment they announced came to $5.16 million raise in 3 Rounds from Arthur Ventures and HCA’s Health Insight Capital. Waslaski mentioned that Doug Burgum, founder at Arthur Ventures, was also involved with securing the enterprise contract with HCA.

Learn more about Intellignt InSites, here.

Marisa Jackels

Marisa Jackels

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