After altering the landscape of Fargo-Moorhead real estate, Hatch Realty keeps looking ahead

For just over five years, Hatch Realty has been shaking things up in the Fargo-Moorhead real estate scene with its unique approach to promotion and community engagement.

The brokerage’s identity was formed by company founder Erik Hatch after being forced to leave another realtor. Hatch will present at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, February 6.

Hatch said he never envisioned starting a company, but his approach was a tougher sell when he was subordinate to others’ visions.

“My out-of-the-box thinking was difficult to fit into other people’s brokerage,” he said. “The last thing I wanted was people working for me.” He wanted to work for other people.

Hatch characterized typical real estate brokerages as presenting only a little variation between them in terms of strategy, stating they “circle around where everyone has circled.” In contrast, Hatch Realty tends to make bolder moves to get their name out there and maintain visibility in their community.

“We’ve done things like sponsor a bacon and beer festival,” Hatch said.

They also frequently post videos of the staff dancing before the weekend, something Hatch said has “nothing to do with real estate but everything to do with energy.”

Hatch started working in real estate part-time while doing youth coach ministry at a church. Although he took up real estate work supplement the small income from youth ministry, Hatch still keeps a lot of his ministry approach with him in the real estate business, viewing real estate as a vehicle for inspiring and impacting.

“When people are struggling, we run toward them,” he said.

Although he never saw himself becoming an entrepreneur, Hatch took to the profession, and he now has his hands in 18 business ventures.  With all that going on, Hatch is in the process of transitioning into a smaller role with Hatch Realty. He says he wants the “Hatch” in Hatch Realty not to be a proper noun, but instead an adjective.

He views his evolving role with Hatch as that of a coach and chief visionary internally; externally he is the company’s mascot. He is in the process of transitioning out of a day-to-day role at Hatch. He said he “created the recipe” for the company—likening himself to KFC’s Colonel Sanders—but now he is handing off the chef’s hat to some of the other cooks in the kitchen.

“We function as a team rather than individuals,” Hatch said.

Hatch will focus on his other myriad other business projects, including Hatch Coaching, through which he coaches realtors around the country. He is also in the process of writing his first book.

For more information on Hatch Realty, visit 1 Million Cups Fargo takes place each Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. at The Stage at Island Park.