Emerging Digital Academy students become connected with local non-profits who are looking to solve business problems through technology as a final project for the 20-week Fullstack Course. 


For each cohort, Emerging Digital Academy selects 3 to 4 pro-bono client projects for our students to work on. These projects are properly scoped with our instructors to ensure that the students can achieve success under the constrained timeline and appropriate expectations. The projects are designed, built, and tested by our students and ultimately handed off to the client upon graduation.  


Four Conway Cohort Students have partnered up with the Special Olympics of North Dakota to build a digital tracking system for collegiate volunteers. Group members, Lance Gagner, Jon Kranzler, Cody Njos, and Zach Mead are applying their skills to help support the organization’s goal – to create a space for all persons with intellectual disabilities to have the chance to become useful and productive citizens who are accepted and respected in their communities.


Special Olympics North Dakota serves athletes, partners, and coaches through eleven area programs in the state. They offer sports all year round with weekly practices, periodic games, and annual tournaments. The Special Olympics of North Dakota decided it was time to upgrade their manual tracking system for collegiate volunteers by turning digital. EDA students stepped in to create a web-based application to replace their old system which will allow for Special Olympics collegiate clubs to digitally track their members, volunteers, and events.


Group members working with the non-profit are continuing to move forward with their solo projects during this time as well. Lance Gagner works on his program called Habitat, A gold-star system for creating and completing goals. Jon Kranzler continues his project called Langston’s Labyrinth, a moving maze for RPG game masters. Cody Njos completes his program known as Game Exchange, a platform to track and exchange board games with fellow board game enthusiasts. Lastly, Zach Mead works on his program called Pin Hero, A hockey pin trading application for youth hockey players.

Join us virtually on Tuesday, April 6th at 12 pm to hear the students give their Client Presentations. Learn more about the event here.

Jessica Anderson

Jessica is the Event Marketing Intern at Emerging Prairie, focusing on celebrating programs like 1 Million Cups Fargo, TEDxFargo, Possibility Summit, and more.