Women's Startup Weekend 2015

Second annual North Dakota Women’s Startup Weekend success

The weekend starts off tentative, expectant. Members of the Women's Startup Weekend team greet participants and direct them to the taco bar (every good Startup Weekend begins with tacos, it seems.) … Continue reading


Renuvix research teams at NDSU are creating biodegradable polymers

We interact with petrol-based polymers with nearly everything we do. Dr. Bret Chisholm, a Senior Research Scientist at NDSU and co-founder of Renuvix, walked the audience through an average morning … Continue reading

Alkimees collage

Alkimee’s necklace-inspired earphones designed by Shanley High grad

It's the process of turning something plain into something beautiful. Aiyanna Greene takes those simple, white headphones that she sees slung around people's necks all the time, and turns them into … Continue reading

Startups from Fargo