Drone Focus Conference

Spotlight: Jim Sweeney, the man who vowed never to return

When Jim Sweeney graduated from University of North Dakota, he vowed he would never live in his homestate of North Dakota again. He took off. First to Boston, where he put his marketing degree to … Continue reading


How to make a homemade startup ecosystem

In the past few months, I've been to a couple retreats that gather startup community leaders and entrepreneurs together from around the country (I wrote about one here). At each of them, we talk about … Continue reading

1MC Reunion

1 Million Cups Fargo Reunion celebrates failure and success

Every once in a while it’s important to pause, look back and celebrate. That’s what Fargo’s last 1 Million Cups of 2015 was all about. At the Nov. 25 event, 1 Million Cups Fargo held it's first … Continue reading