Emerging Prairie is a digital-media company committed to informing, connecting and activating the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Fargo, ND, and the upper great plains. With a primary focus on startups, technology, and innovation, we operate an online publication that highlights the entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators shaping our region’s future.

Our goal is to provide information and fresh ideas because these ingredients are the accelerants of growth and development.  We hope the information we publish helps spark development so our region can create, attract and grow the businesses today that will create its tomorrow. Emerging Prairie was founded in 2013 by a group of Fargo entrepreneurs.


What is Emerging Prairie?

Emerging Prairie is an online publication and resource for our region’s entrepreneurial activities. We provide news, editorials, resources and events targeted towards our region’s entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators.

Our online platform enables us to provide entrepreneurs with optimal resources to grow and the ability to share stories in the region and worldwide.  In addition, we help organize and promote events geared toward strengthening our community through connectivity and creativity.

Why are you building Emerging Prairie?

Our goal is to accelerate the growth and development of our communities so our region can create, attract, and grow the businesses today that will create its tomorrow.  By doing so, we believe we can create the world’s next best entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Emerging Prairie’s vision is to be a resource that provides:

  • The pulse of entrepreneurial activity in the region – news, advice, feedback, resources, events and talent.
  • A platform on which share our knowledge and success.
  • A network of passionate individuals shaping our region’s future.

What does Emerging Prairie mean?

Our name stems from the activities taking place on the Prairie. There are thousands of talented people building valuable companies, products and technologies in our region. We’re here to support them by telling their stories and exchanging opinions that foster fresh thinking.

Who is your audience?

Our audience is anyone interested in being a part of the entrepreneurial community focused on startups, technology and innovation, and anyone interested in learning about it.
We believe that in order to have a healthy entrepreneurial community, we need a healthy ecosystem of connected resources. This community consists of entrepreneurs, investors, government, universities, students, service providers (lawyers, accountants, marketers, consultants, etc.) and large companies. These participants, working together with shared passion, are vital to the success of an entrepreneurial community.

What type of content do you publish?

The day-to-day content will primarily consist of news and editorials (opinion).  The news is handled by our internal team and the editorials are mostly provided by our outside contributors.

What geographies do you cover?

To start, we are focusing on the greater Fargo, N.D. area – about a 100-mile radius around the metro area.  Once we feel stable as a new publication, we’ll begin to cover Sioux Falls and the Minneapolis/St.Paul area.  If you’re interesting in helping us expand, please contact andy@emergingprairie.com.

What does your logo mean?

The hexagon is representative of a gear and the driving force within technology, innovation and engineering. The two green blades represent growth and our geographical footprint – The Plains.

How can I become an Emerging Prairie sponsor?

Please contact andy@emergingprairie.com to learn more.

Who are your writers/contributors?

Our contributors are entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, developers, designers, students, investors, marketers, lawyers, healthcare professionals, etc.  We do our best to include the entire entrepreneurial community.

How do I become a contributor?

We’re always looking for new contributors at Emerging Prairie. Send us a short email at andy@emergingprairie.com and please include the following:

  • Who you are
  • Why you want to contribute – we’re looking for passion and purpose!!!
  • A sample of your writing
  • Contact information (email and phone number)

What is the Silicon Prairie and our connection to it?

There is no specific definition of the Silicon Prairie, but we like to think of it as a multistate region comprised of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri. Emerging Prairie will focus on the northern end (North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota) of the Silicon Prairie.

Silicon Prairie has become a strong brand in the last decade – primarily due to the rise of successful startups in the nation’s Heartland. We’d like to give a big shout-out to the team at Silicon Prairie News – they’ve been a huge catalyst for startup growth in the Midwest and an inspiration to us.

How do I get my ideas, my company, my event, or a friend into Emerging Prairie?

Any other questions?

We’re happy to answer any other questions.  Please email info@emergingpriaire.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.