Events transpired a bit differently at 1 Million Cups Fargo last week with two featured speakers: John Schneider of Fargo 3D Printing and Clint Howitz of dogIDs. Attendees heard these two speak on the roadblocks and victories that necessarily come with creating a new business.


Along with River, a calm and collected Labrador, Clint shared with the crowd how he and his wife started dogIDs as a side project that has gradually developed into a full-blown gig. Now, with expenses devoted to marketing and other necessary business-expanding tools, Clint spends his days improving the company’s product lines and getting goods to animal lovers who want the best products for their dogs. Read more about dogIDS in last year’s interview with Clint.

On the opposite end of the spectrum of speakers, John led 1 Million Cups Fargo through the Fargo 3D Printing creation process. After building Fargo’s first “makerspace” MELD Workshop, he came in contact with Jake Clark. Following discussions of Jake’s interest in exposing the Fargo community to 3D printing, John decided he shared that passion. Now the duo is attempting to bring 3D printing to classrooms by partnering with local schools and demonstrating the many benefits of learning the design and building process.


1 Million Cups Fargo will continue at The Stage at Island Park this week. Be ready for great conversations and great coffee this Wednesday, May 7, at 9:15 AM. Speaking at this week’s event will be Scott Bintz of RealTruck. Let us know you are attending by filling out this form.

Important Coffee Note: 1 Million Cups Fargo is making a push to become more sustainable. Coffee is still free courtesy of Miguel Danielson and Danielson Legal, LLC, but paper coffee cups will cost $1.00. Bring your own cup, and coffee is still free!

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Matt Gantz