Attention all students, recent grads, and anyone looking to get some professional experience! In addition to celebrating the 1st birthday of 1 Million Cups Fargo this morning, we also held an internship event, where local companies could present internships they are looking to fill and connect with anyone interested afterwards. All in all, we had a whopping 30 people announce internships in the Fargo/Moorhead area and beyond!

1 Million Cups Fargo had a record-breaking 363 people!

For your convenience, we have compiled the names and companies of all who announced that they have available internships – either beginning now, and/or this summer – along with the positions they are hoping to fill and contact information. So go ahead, take a look, and if you see something that catches your eye, send that e-mail or pick up the phone and give ’em a ring!

As Minnesota State University Moorhead’s President, Dr. Anne Blackhurst said this morning, “I believe internships can be the start of something beautiful.”

A big thank you to all who participated! We’d love to hear back on the results from this event, so if any successful connections are made please send us an e-mail: And now, without further ado…

The Ultimate Fargoan Guide to Finding an Internship

Name & Company: Steve Sharp, Blueprint
Looking for: Writer who can write press releases, direct mail, technical writing.
Contact: (701) 893-3400

Internships at 1MC

Potential interns making connections at 1MC!

Name & Company: Annika Nynas, Emerging Prairie
Looking for: Graphic Design inter (Summer)

Name & Company: Erin Ottoman, Catalyst Medical
Looking for: Marketing and Communications intern.
Contact: 701-205-4772

Name & Company: Jake Joraanstad, Myriad Mobile
Looking for: Software Engineering interns.

Name & Company: Brian Crommett, 702 Communications
Looking for: Accounting, Business, Tech + more.

Name & Company: Karissa Kittleson, Dakota Certified Development Corporation
Looking for: Marketing, Business Development
Contact: 701.293.8892

Name & Company: Josh Christy, Codelation
Looking for: Content and Software Engineering

Name & Company: Cassandra Maland, Kilbourne Group
Looking for Marketing, Communications, Management, Social Media
Contact: 701.237.2279

Name & Company:Danny Krolak, Sundog
Looking for: 4 interns; Tech, Designer, Creative Writer/Social Media, Project Manager
Contact: (Applications due Feb. 27)

Name & Company: Christy Bartel*, Appareo Systems
Looking for: Everything Engineering except Civil Engineering
Contact: (701) 356-2200

Name & Company: Tom Enright, Northern Lights USA
Looking for: Experienced Marketing, E-Commerce Sales
Contact: (800) 210-2495

Name & Company: Lisa Gulland-Nelson, Greater Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation
Looking for: Marketing, Public Relations

Name & Company: Eric Piello, Flint Communications
Looking for: Designers, Account Managers, Social Media
Contact: (701) 237-4850

Name & Company: Abby Boggs-Johnson, Onsharp
Looking for: Digital Marketing Intern
Contact: (701) 356-9010

Name & Company: Kelsey Knutson, Northwestern Mutual
Looking for: College financial representatives; establishing financial plans.

Name & Company:Liz Rawlston, Red River Financial Group
Looking for: Financial Interns
Contact: (701) 232-3888

Name & Company: Clint Howitz, dogIDs
Looking for: Content marketing interns

Name & Company: Shane White, Midwest Streams
Looking for: Marketing, Front-end Web Development

Name & Company:Ben Weisner, Eide Bailley
Looking for: Tech Consulting
Contact: 701.239.8500

Name & Company: Shannon Luney, CoSchedule
Looking for: Support and Developer Intern

Name & Company: Kevin Struxness, Realtruck
Looking for: Accounting and Development Interns (Now + Summer)
Contact: 877-216-5446

Name & Company: Jonathan McCarthy, March of Dimes
Looking for: Communications and Marketing Intern

Name & Company: Ryan MacDonald, AdShark Marketing
Looking for: Internet Advertising
Contact: (800) 281-4776

Name & Company: Holly Anderson, Elinor Specialty Coatings
Looking for: Chemistry lab work, Communications, Social media
Contact: (701) 318-1051

Name & Company: Carrie Winterstein, Theater B
Looking for: Marketing and Promotions, Fund Development
Contact: (701) 729-8880

Name & Company: Scott Brusven, Eco Chic Boutique
Looking for: Marketing, Events, and Hospitality
Contact: (701) 356-6600

Name & Company: Angela Christian, Sanford Health
Looking for: Embedded Systems, and a LOT MORE.
Contact: 701-234-4600

Name & Company:Blaine Booher, Clifton Labs
Looking for: Web development, possibly biz dev

Name & Company: Kickball Team, Aggasiz Athletics
Looking for: Organization, Refereeing

Name & Company: Zak Fick, Help University
Looking for: Anything! Can work from abroad.

Photos courtesy of Rick Abbott, and Marisa Jackels.

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