For over a year Emerging Prairie has sought to gather the community together in casual settings to eat, drink, and be merry. Startup Drinks, or SUDs, has gone from being a small gathering to nearly a hundred people at each event. And it is always a good time. If you have never been to SUDs, or aren’t familiar with what it is, here are 5 reasons why we should see you there.

  1. The People. (and no, it’s not +21)


  2. Startup Drinks brings people together- entrepreneurs, artists, CEOs, college students, everyone. The event does have drinks being sold but the event is not 21+ — all are welcome. It’s not uncommon to run into a familiar face at SUDs, or even better, to see some new ones. You’ll meet people here that are doing pretty amazing things such as starting companies, running companies, traveling the world, or making their own video games.It’s similar to 1 Million Cups, if you are familiar with that popular Wednesday morning event. Except in this case, instead of filling your cup with coffee, you can fill your cup with adult beverages. Which brings us to our next point.
  1. Libations.

    An EP employee once used the term libations and we’re sticking with it. The drinks at SUDs are sold for low prices at a cash bar, and we’re always well stocked. We usually provide beer of course, but keep it classy with some glasses of red and white wine as well.

  2. Good Eats.

    At SUDs, we have options for everyone: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, all delicious. At one of our events the appetizers were provided by local startup Z!ng, which featured creative treats like cinnamon rubbed toast with beets, chips and hummus, and raspberry-chocolate dessert – all made fresh and vegan-friendly.

  3. Mise en scène.

    Every Startup Drinks is hosted at a new place – one was in the beer-soaked atmosphere of Fargo Brewing Company, the last one was in CoCo Fargo‘s snazzy new space. Tonight Absolute Marketing is having the party at their place, right above Atomic Coffee at 222 Broadway. It’s downtown, and it’s filled with these cool graphic art posters. Fargo is the king of hidden gems, and SUDs is a great way to discover another new niche.

  4. The Vibe.

    No need to dress up for SUDs. It’s a relaxed atmosphere that welcomes anyone. Sure that guy over there might be your boss, and that other guy might be your boss’s boss, but at SUDs, everyone is on the same level. And that’s what makes it so unique.SUDs

    As Jake Oliverson from Myriad Mobile and regular SUDs attendee put it, events like this bring you “the pulse of the Fargo entrepreneurial community.”

    You, not matter who you are or what you do, are an important part of keeping that pulse going and growing.

Bonus sixth point:

It’s Free.

What else can we say? SUDs is great.

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Marisa Jackels