AgTech Week 2024: A Week of Collaboration, Innovation and Inspiration

As AgTech Week comes to a close, we are filled with gratitude for the incredible turnout and the dynamic exchange of ideas at Cultivate. This unique conference serves as a vibrant crossroad where innovators and supporters from the AgTech world come together to forge new collaborations and explore cutting-edge technologies. Cultivate is not just an event; it's a catalyst for transformation in agriculture, fostering connections that drive the industry forward. We're thrilled to share the highlights and insights from this remarkable gathering, where tradition meets innovation and the future of farming takes shape.




On Thursday, June 13th, individuals were brought together in the Fargo-Moorhead communities from all over the globe -- including more than 26 states and more than 5 countries -- to connect on the intersection between technology and agriculture. These individuals spent their day listening to a variety of speakers: from startup programs to industry professionals, engaging in workshops, as well as networking and collaborating on various ideas. From the US and beyond, these community members created feedback loops and shared their own experiences within both agriculture and technology, which will help further the integration of technology in agriculture elsewhere.

Cultivate Highlights

As the day progressed at Cultivate, the excitement continued to build with several major announcements capturing everyone’s attention. One of the highlights was the Grand Farm’s announcement of a groundbreaking collaboration with the University of Georgia. This partnership aims to establish a local team and foster strong connections with local stakeholders, enhancing the impact and reach of AgTech innovations. The Grand Farm Team also highlighted that Fukaya City, Japan, proudly announced their partnership with Grand Farm. This collaboration with Fukaya City’s Deep Valley initiative marks a significant milestone in Grand Farm’s mission to advance global agricultural innovation. Adding to the buzz, tickets for Autonomous Nation and Space Ag Conference were both announced, which will take place September 12th and October 24th, respectively.

AgTech Week Highlights
Throughout the AgTech Week, more than 15 events were hosted which garnered more than 2,500 attendees  ranging from 26 US states and 11 countries! Below are some highlights from our team and be sure to check out the next issue of Future Farmer and the media links below for more stories.

Grand Farm Innovation Shop Grand Opening

Grand Farm announced the grand opening of the Innovation Shop to kick off AgTech Week! The Innovation Campus will be a space where growers, industry professionals, and researchers will work together to provide innovative solutions and showcase the latest advancements in agricultural technology located in Casselton, ND. With special appearances from Gov. Doug Burgum and Lt Gov. Tammy Miller, we were also joined by Senator John Hoeven whom announced he will be holding a field hearing of the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee at the Grand Farm Innovation Campus this summer!
Following the Grand Opening of the Innovation Campus, the energy remained high around AgTech Week as events such as Field Days hosted by The Grand Farm , the Midwest Agriculture Summit hosted by the FMWF Chamber of Commerce, and the Bushel Buddy Seat Conference hosted by Bushel took place. These events drew attention to the critical policies and pressing issues that take place in the agricultural field. With experts, policymakers and startups coming together to discuss these issues, collaboration was formed and inspiration was gained from these days.


  • The event hosted by Bushel featured a series of webinars and culminated in an annual conference where participants shared insights, exchanged stories, and passed on wisdom in the true buddy seat spirit. The collaboration and shared knowledge created a memorable and impactful experience for all involved.

Midwest Agriculture Summit

  • This event hosted by The FMWF Chamber of Commerce brought together experts, businesses, and policymakers from across the region and the nation to dive into the dynamic aspects of the agricultural sector, including critical policies and pressing issues.

Field Days at Grand Farm

  • This event hosted by Grand Farm at the Innovation Shop featured a lunch workshop from Pivot Bio, startup pitches from plot partners, and tech demonstrations from John Deere by RDO Equipment Co., Aigen, and Tenacity Ag. These field days provide an opportunity for individuals to connect with our team and partners, as well as getting familiar with the latest projects being facilitated.


StartupBREW Cultivate Takeover day

  • On Wednesday, June 12th, StartupBREW held their Cultivate takeover day for AgTech week! Brandon Chi, co-founder of Crop Diagnostix and Agustin Buchert, CSO and co-founder of ClearLeaf joined us to help fuel the minds of local entrepreneurs in the Fargo/Moorhead community. They touched on the importance and power that agriculture has when thinking about the community within Fargo/Moorhead, and how we can implement clean habits in our day-to-day life to make the earth greener!


  • EduConnect aimed to bridge the gap between middle and high school educators and the industry by connecting them with advanced agriculture technologies, professionals from diverse fields, and regional resources. This event addressed key challenges in education, such as the lack of awareness in AgTech, outdated curriculum in agriculture education, resource constraints, and the need for greater diversity and inclusivity. Throughout the day, attendees heard from various speakers and they participated in a bus tour that showcased special agricultural buildings that have had an impact in agricultural education and research.

Thank you to all who came together and took part in this incredible week of celebrating the collaboration between AI technology and agriculture. Stay tuned for the future of AgTech and make sure to follow Grand Farm on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter for more information on announcements and upcoming events!