AnalyzeCeph is a young technology start-up aiming to help dentists and orthodontist with the process of x-ray analysis.


Co-founder Aziz Usmanov will present at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, June 12.


The company increases return on investment for general dentists who take on orthodontic cases as an additional revenue to their business, allowing them to treat simple cases without having to buy expensive orthodontic software.


Usmanov’s wife and co-founder Svetlana Sampson is one such general dentist who started occasionally taking on orthodontic cases, and her experience with the time-consuming and still often low-tech process of analyzing cephalometric x-rays inspired the concept for AnalyzeCeph.


Interpreting the x-rays involves performing calculations and creating tracings of the x-rays to help understand issues with the positioning of the teeth.


“That’s how doctors can prescribe a treatment,” Usmanov said. Instead, per their website, users pay a small fee per case, which covers all the tool’s uses.


The idea behind AnalyzeCeph is to let computers handle some of the calculations involved in this process.


With AnalyzeCeph, dentists and orthodontists can upload x-rays and the AnalyzeCeph web tool helps generate analyses. The web tool allows users to access their files and analyses from any device, storing patient records securely in the cloud as well.


“We made it super easy,” Usmanov said. “There’s no monthly subscription.”


“For general dentists who don’t take many cases,” Usmanov said, the application can be especially useful. For them, it would be overkill to buy specialized software for the work.


Usmanov mentioned AnalyzeCeph is garnering some interest from orthodontic labs as well.


Usmanov comes from a computer science background with a degree from Minnesota State University, Moorhead.


“I was working in the industry for probably eight years,” Usmanov said, and he still freelances. “That kind of allowed me to better understand what needed to be done.”


They started working on the design of AnalyzeCeph in April 2018 after coming up with the concept in February or March. The service is up and running now, allowing doctors to run upload x-rays and run analyses, and more features are in the works and planned for the future.


1 Million Cups Fargo takes place each Wednesday from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m. at The Stage at Island Park. For more information on AnalyzeCeph, visit

Austin Gerth