A number of months ago we briefly featured a rather rad group out of Brookings, South Dakota, called 9 Clouds. The organization launched a Digital Homesteading podcast in 2013 featuring one of Emerging Prairie’s founders, Greg Tehven, in the initial episode.

One year later, Digital Homesteading is gearing up for season two, and Emerging Prairie is proud to announce a partnership has been declared: throughout the entire second season of Digital Homesteading, Emerging Prairie will be embedding audio content on the website for all of our followers to get a taste of entrepreneurial discussion in the broader region.


Both entities are excited for this connection, a chance for even greater startup discussion and a wider scope. In response to the finalization of this partnership, 9 Clouds Chief Outreach Officer Scott Meyer said, “There are many similarities between the Dakotas and much to learn from one another. By highlighting these stories and lessons through Digital Homesteading, I hope that creators in both states will be inspired to build right where they are.”

Emerging Prairie hopes to see many more great stories from Digital Homesteaders in both regions over the course of the near future.

What Exactly is Digital Homesteading?

The concept refers to people who operate high tech businesses in remote locations, especially the Midwest. Scott Meyer and the rest of the 9 Clouds team pump out content in a variety of fields in order to help people gain digital literacy – understanding the tools of an increasingly technological world. By learning how to harness these tools, individuals can grow their own businesses right out of their homes.

At the root of it, Scott calls 9 Clouds an education and Internet marketing firm. The 5-year-old firm provides educational content for the DIY crowd, but it also has the services to assist entrepreneurs in a consulting capacity. Under the organization’s umbrella is also the 9 Clouds Academy, a technical support group for small business owners in the online realm.

Digital Handholding For Remote Entrepreneurs

The program includes online archives of educational information pertaining to social media and key digital technologies, and 9 Clouds hosts in-person and virtual training sessions every other week. Scott refers to this service as “digital handholding,” as the focuses of the group are to assist with technical problems as well as connect entrepreneurs with another business owner in the academy for mutual critiques and support.

The firm’s Internet marketing services are centered on three different industries: automotive, manufacturing, and software. Within these industries, the 9 Clouds team assists businesses via its marketing specialists who generate online leads for these companies and then provide connections between these leads and the companies’ sales divisions.

Digital Homesteading in Fargo and Rural Communities

After the unveiling of a second season for Digital Homesteading, the 9 Clouds team was excited to learn that Fargo community members may be interested in following their content. Scott noted the best way for interested Fargo inhabitants to be involved in their work is to join the digital homesteaders.

Each week, the 9 Clouds team will update members with an article discussing the top issues affecting creators and communities, especially in rural areas.13293804013_95cdf5554b_z The 9 Clouds team is looking forward to receiving feedback from the Fargo community, so sign up and let the team know what you think!

Within the next couple of months, the next season of Digital Homesteading will be releasing a new podcast episode every other week for three months. Emerging Prairie will bring this content to you so that you can connect with this great group out of our southern sister state.

Expect new posts on 9 Clouds and Digital Homesteading in the near future as the content is generated, and start thinking entrepreneurially by doing what you can to be a true Digital Homesteader.

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Matt Gantz