In the wake of a very successful 1 Million Cups presentation and media coverage both on our blog and in the Forum, drone-tech startup Botlink is now seeing a huge amount of growth. Thanks to a recent investment of an “undisclosed amount” from local businessmen that wish to remain anonymous, according to CEO Shawn Muehler, the company is moving to a larger office in Unit 504 of the Black Building in downtown Fargo, and hiring 6 new full-time employees.

The positions they are looking to fill are three software developers, two electrical engineers, and a social media manager for full time employment. In addition the funds allowed Botlink to move many of their own employees up to full-time status, bringing the total of new full-time positions to ten.

Botlink Team

The current Botlink team.

For Muehler and the rest of the Botlink team, the financial and community support is invaluable to their continued growth, and helps them reach their goals more quickly and efficiently.

“This funding means we can get our products to market much quicker and gain first to market advantage, the ability to obtain patents, as well as adding additional features to our platform,” he said. “All of which will propel our company to the forefront of the industry. All good news coming out of Botlink!”BotlinkMockup

Muehler added that hiring can sometimes be challenging when looking for qualified applicants to fill the positions. But the faster they hire, the faster they can get their product to the market he said.

Botlink is a startup that began in early 2014 and has designed a software application that allows drone-users to track their drones in real-time (among other cool features).

Send Botlink your resume here.

To learn more about Botlink, (and how their product could lead North Dakota to own the drone industry) read this article.

Photos courtesy of Botlink.

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