Bismarck-based startup CoSchedule has been selected by Google for Entrepreneurs to present in Silicon Valley at Google Demo Day 2015 on April 2.

Yes, the same Demo Day that is held at the Googleplex and brings innovative startups from around the country to pitch to the top investors.

Google for Entrepreneurs broke the news just a few hours ago via Twitter, saying that “California could use some Midwestern Nice.” CoSchedule Google Demo Day 2015

So far, Google has announced a total of nine startups which will be presenting, hailing from all across the USA and Canada.

Coschedule, which makes an editorial calendar for WordPress users, was one of two startups that won the pitch night in CoCo Minneapolis held on January 29 (CoCo Minneapolis is one of nine North American tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs network). After a final selection process, Coschedule was chosen over Minneapolis-based startup Playtabase to present at Google Demo Day 2015.

“We are honored to have been selected for Google Demo Day 2015 and are thrilled to be representing CoCo, Minnesota, and especially North Dakota!” said Garrett Moon, who co-founded Coschedule with business partner Justin Walsh.

“More than anything though, me and Justin are super proud of our team. There are a lot of people that don’t think you can do this sort of thing from Bismarck, North Dakota. This is just another opportunity to prove that theory wrong, and that makes it a win for everyone that is from a smaller town or anywhere in the Midwest. We have world class talent here, and that is important to remember.”

Coschedule Google Demo Day 2015

Moon (left) and Walsh (right) at CoCo Minneapolis Pitch Night

At Google’s Demo Day 2015, Moon said they hope to make connections that will lead to the next stage of growth for Coschedule.

“This will include some additional capital, as well as key partnerships that can take us where we need to go,” he said.

Judging from last year’s Google Demo Day, this could be a definite possibility. Not only is the room full of prominent investors, but at last year’s event, AOL co-founder Steve Case took everyone by surprise when he announced he was investing 100k in each of the ten startups who presented. Who knows what could happen this year.

“We need to develop stronger ties with many of companies in the Silicon Valley area,” Moon added. “This makes it a perfect opportunity for us.”

The other startups announced by Google so far are Chicago’s Inrentive, North Carolina’s Mati, Montreal’s Seamless Planet, Colorado’s Conspire, Tennessee’s Clariture Health, Detroit’s Level Eleven, Texas’ Loop & Tie, and Waterloo’s Sweet Tooth.

“We’ll see you at the Googleplex!” Google tweeted to the winners.

Over in Bismarck at CoSchedule HQ, Moon said there’s still work to be done. But, he added, “we’ll probably kick off a little early for happy hour too!”

Coschedule at Google Demo Day 2015

Over here at CoCo Fargo, we’re celebrating with champagne! Center: Coschedule teammate, Nathan Ellering, with Todaymade teammates Megan Beck (left) and Shannon Wiedman (right)

Google Demo Day 2015

They certainly have something to celebrate. Congratulations, CoSchedule!

Google Demo Day 2015 will take place in Mountain View, CA on April 2, 2015. Read more about it, here!

Photos courtesy of Google4Entrepreneurs, CoCo Minneapolis, Marisa Jackels and Garrett Moon.

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