“When life changes, change your life and your situation.” That motto is one of the first things you see when Robert Kropp writes about himself. The web developer turned blogger is vagabonding it across the country on the heels of an unraveled marriage.

He’s got a Saturn Ion, a Nikon D3100, a meager amount of possessions, and a kinda weird idea. He’s writing about co-working spaces at cowork22.com. He wants more people to see how they contribute to communities.  “My goal is to be an ambassador.”

It’s obvious he’s good at picking up the energy of places. Kropp finds co-working spaces as a hotbed for the cultural pulse of a city because you see “so many more different types of businesses.” He likes that they’re dynamic spaces. “Co working is a perpetual start up. When the people change, the space changes. [The space is] a shell. It’s the people who make the community.”

Kropp is 12 weeks, an oil change, and one minor setback into his tour. ‘“I almost ran out to gas in the mountains in New York.”  It was a little stressful. “I just ate a couple hot dogs and sat down for about 20 minutes….I’ve only slept in my car twice. One place, I woke up looking over Lake Superior.”

Four days into Fargo and he likes the Prairie Den. “The wi fi is strong. The coffee is delicious. The people are fun. A powerful aspect is the strength of people wanting to bring people to Fargo.”

Kropp is freelancing as a web developer during this tour, but he’s hoping his blog may bring him a little income. After he finishes up experiencing co-working spaces west of here, he’ll put some effort into looking for funding. He’s ok if that doesn’t happen. That’s not the point, though he’s not entirely sure he knows why he’s doing this. Like any great life lesson, it takes time to digest. “I’m still discovering what this is all about. It’s a journey.”

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