About Dani 

Dani is the Founder and Chief Pun Officer at Quirky Event Planning. Quirky is based out of Fargo and serves the Minnesota and North Dakota area. After graduating from Concordia College in Moorhead, Dani entered the typical nine-to-five workforce. She knew from a young age she wanted to start her own business, she just didn’t know what the business would be about. Nevertheless, she persisted as her company’s event planner, but then covid hit. This left her questioning, “Now what? Is it time to find a new job?” She wondered if this was the time she’d waited for to pursue her dreams.

 In the summer of 2020, Dani continued working full time as she began building Quirky Event Planning on the side. Fast forward to Spring 2021, she wanted to dedicate all her time to growing her business, so she took the leap and began pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams full-time. She explains, “It’s been a crazy ride, but that’s what being an entrepreneurship is all about, right?” There have been highs and lows along the way, but when one of Dani’s first clients trusted her in a time of urgency, she felt a sense of support and confidence she’d hoped for when choosing to pursue this career. With the highs have come some frustration, but she’s grateful for those moments of learning and growing.


About Quirky Event Planning

Quirky Event Planning is on a mission to end all boring events. They take a unique approach to event planning by pushing beyond the logistics by incorporating art from local artists, performances by area musicians, and quirky features that make up Fargo’s unique culture. With this emphasis on local vendors and talents, they hope to support the community through every event they build. They hope to never settle for average or forgettable, but rather go big and have fun while doing so. 

 Quirky Event Planning’s services include in-person and virtual event planning and support, day-of-event facilitation, and consultations. Their hopes are to meet business where they’re at and fill in the gaps. Whether clients are looking for advice, logistical support, or the holistic approach, Quirky becomes part of the team working alongside them to plan high-quality events that accurately represent their clients.

Quirky Event Planning hopes to know every artist, vendor, and musician in Fargo! If you or someone you know has an awesome business or talent, please reach out. If you have an interest in event planning or have an event that needs to be planned, think about Quirky Event Planning for your next event. Dani is also looking for feedback on her website and marketing materials including SEO. 

Follow Quirky Event Planning on Facebook and Instagram, and connect with Dani on LinkedIn. She also loves grabbing coffee or lunch so feel free to reach out and get to know Dani! 

Jessica Anderson

Jessica is the Event Marketing Intern at Emerging Prairie, focusing on celebrating programs like 1 Million Cups Fargo, TEDxFargo, Possibility Summit, and more.