Dean Bohlman and his business partners are passionate about creating a better world with technology. The S2C Interactive and S2C Bioinformatics team is developing intellectual property for artificial intelligence and data management. “Our hope is to better predict and cure diseases, identify risk factors, and provide a better understanding of the world,” shared Dean.


The concept for S2C Interactive was born as Dean and his business partner dreamed of a more efficient process for data management in their logistics and materials management jobs. The two were fellow employees in the Dallas, Texas metro area during the early 2000s for Poly America and Penske. A natural friendship was made between the two during these years, and now it has formed a business partnership in the form of S2C Interactive and Bioinformatics. “He was in my wedding… and now he is the creative genius of the data access manager framework (DAM) and the behavioral artificial intelligence technology for our company,” explained Dean.

In 2015, the foundation of S2C Interactive was laid as the DAM was created over the course of several months. “The DAM was created to save companies money by plumbing massive amounts of data and processing it in real time,” said Dean. For example, this framework was created to assist production facilities access data across multiple locations. However, the S2C Interactive team received little interest in this newly created technology.

Right Timing

As the business sat dormant for almost a year, Dean arrived in Fargo, North Dakota in late 2016 to begin a consulting job for a major healthcare provider. After a few months, the contracted position ended and Dean was left wondering what the future held. “I thought S2C Interactive was going to die… but I decided to connect with my business partner again and learned of his newly found interest in the behavioral artificial intelligence industry,” shared Dean.

Although Dean’s partner lives in the Dallas area, he has chosen to continue living in the Fargo area. After sharing his dream of S2C Interactive with a local restaurant owner, Dean was connected with the 1 Million Cups gathering in Fargo and made several key connections for the start-up. “S2C Interactive and Bioinformatics has made more progress in 6 months [in Fargo] than over 2 years in Dallas-Fort Worth,” explained Dean. Through networking, entrepreneur events, and friendly connections, momentum is building for the launch of S2C interactive.

Future Potential

Currently, the emphasis for the company is placed on behavioral artificial intelligence. “We are working towards applying behavioral artificial intelligence to drones, agriculture, bioinformatics, autonomous vehicles, and beyond,” said Dean. The future holds endless potential for the use of this technology, and the entrepreneur ecosystem of Fargo can celebrate being a proponent in that future.

Learn more from Dean Bohlman and S2C Interactive and Bioinformatics as he speaks at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 at 9:15 a.m. at The Stage at Island Park.

Brent McNeal