Creedence Energy Services cures what ails oil wells.

The company produces chemical solutions that clean pipes and equipment involved in oil harvesting and production, ensuring a longer life span.

Creedence Energy Services co-founder and President Kevin Black will present at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, March 20.

He explained oil wells deteriorate like the human body.

“We are like the doctors and the pharmacists of the oil fields,” Black said.

The company tests samples of the water (known as “brine”) from wells and runs them through software modeling programs to help predict issues the well might have. Then they apply a chemical solution or chemical program to the well which helps maintain it. Creedence’s chemicals help prevent or take care of issues like mineral scale and pipe corrosion.

Black co-founded Creedence Energy Services with two of his cousins, Wyatt Black and Malachi Black, in 2014.

All three had previous experience in the oil and natural gas industry, and each brought in talent or expertise in aspects of the business: Wyatt with entrepreneurship and supply chain; Malachi with operations; and Black with finance, sales, and technical details.

“Between the three of us we had a really strong mix,” Black said.

Creedence Energy Services started out with only two people on the payroll (they couldn’t afford to officially employ one of the three founding cousins at first), and now the company is above 50 employees. They are in the process of expanding their business into Texas.

In the beginning, they needed to stand out in a challenging industry.

“From a technical perspective we really had to differentiate ourselves form the competition,” Black said.

To do this, they created a suite of products geared toward the Williston basin specifically, as opposed to other companies applying what had worked elsewhere.

“We started the company because we saw an opportunity to eliminate a lot of waste in the system,” Black said. They use high performance chemicals for high efficiency applications.

Creedence is simultaneously expanding and striving to increase its prominence in North Dakota.

“We want to be the number one in market share in North Dakota for production chemicals,” Black said.

1 Million Cups Fargo takes place each Wednesday 9:15 a.m. at The Stage at Island Park. For more information on Creedence Energy Solutions, visit

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