EDA Alumni Lloyd Prock

Lloyd Prock is a graduate of Emerging Digital Academy’s eighth  cohort, Hopper. View photos of the Hopper graduation ceremony here.

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What impact has EDA had on you?

EDA has allowed me to completely change my career path and the trajectory of my family.  I will now be able to work in a career I am passionate about, and they have enabled me to begin a journey using a craft that I will continue to hone and master.


What has been the biggest lesson you have learned?

Software developers never “arrive” or have “complete” knowledge of their skillset. I initially viewed this program as the beginning of “becoming” a software developer, assuming I could reach a final goal. Through the EDA course, I have discovered that a career as a software developer has no completion date. We get to learn and tune our craft endlessly! That is one of the most exciting lessons I learned from EDA.


What is your favorite memory from EDA?

Honestly, it’s too hard to pick only one. Every day we were in here laughing and having a blast! We all got along so well and made sure that no one got left behind. I would have to say EDA in general has been my favorite memory!


If you were to give advice to someone considering applying to EDA, what would you say?

If this is something you know you want to do, do it. Now is the time. You won’t find a better group of people running a bootcamp!


What advice do you have for the next cohort?

Don’t settle for “good enough”. Don’t quit at base goals. Don’t leave sloppy code.

Making it great is “easy” – Make it run, make it fast, make it pretty. In that order.

Do the stretch goals.  You only hurt yourself by not pushing yourself. Keep learning.

Keep your code clean. You WILL NOT remember exactly what the “really cool” block of “code golf” does after not seeing it for six months.

What you are embarking on is a journey. Keep learning, keep honing your craft, and keep growing.


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Interested in applying? Visit emergingacademy.org for more information and to apply! The deadline to apply for the upcoming cohort is June 24th, 2024.

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