Emerging Prairie is excited to welcome our second intern of 2017. Emma will be focusing her time on the TEDxFargo experience. Learn more about Emma in her Q&A below and make sure to welcome her if you see her around!

Meet Emma

Nickname: Emma

Hometown: Fargo, ND

Currently a student at University of Northern Colorado

What has been the most influential technology innovation in your lifetime?

I would say that social media/ the internet, in general, is such a powerful tool. The idea that within seconds, I can be connected to a database of millions of people around the world is absolutely mindblowing.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy painting, hiking, and lake time.

What’s your favorite hidden gem that you’ve discovered so far in Fargo?  

I just love all of the Fargo Parks. After moving to a city with very few trees, you don’t realize how lucky we are to have such an awesome park system that works so hard to keep Fargo beautiful.

How did you first hear of Emerging Prairie?

I’d heard of EP only vaguely at my first ever TEDxFargo event, and within the last 2 years, people I’ve looked up to a lot in life started to get involved. Obviously, I was curious, did some Google searching, and have been (admittedly) in awe of Emerging Prairie ever since.

What do you hope to learn as an intern of Emerging Prairie?

I hope to learn how to take what makes Fargo so awesome and bring that with me wherever I go, essentially spreading the Fargo momentum from state to state. I think Fargo is awesome, and I’d love to bring that to new places.

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