Emerging Prairie is excited to welcome Drew Murray to the team! Drew joins us as one of our Grand Farm Field Technicians, here he will focus on establishing, managing, and gathering data from agricultural demonstration and field trial plots. He will also blend farm operation expertise with agricultural field research experience to execute hands-on fieldwork and operate machinery!


Read more below about why Drew is excited to join the EP team!


Tell us a little bit about you!

I grew up in Jamestown, North Dakota. I have a family farm just south of Wimbledon, ND where I spend most of my free time with my dog. I came to Fargo originally to attend NDSU and then decided to stay! Some hobbies that I enjoy are hunting, fly fishing, spending time with my dog and traveling.


What college did you attend? What was your major?

North Dakota State University, majored in Biological Sciences.


What’s one activity that energizes you?

I feel very productive and energized after I accomplish my tasks for the day and am free to spend time on my hobbies.


If you could take a 30 day, all expense paid vacation, where or how would you spend your time?

I would take a trip to Iceland and spend a considerable amount of time fly fishing for Sea-Run Brown Trout and Artic Char in the highlands.


Do you have a favorite book or movie?

My favorite book is A River Runs Through It.


What’s your favorite part about living in the FM area? What’s your favorite hidden gem that Fargo has to offer?

I enjoy having the convenience of a bigger city, while still being close enough to my farm to pursue my hobbies. My favorite hidden gem of Fargo is Ninja Poke Bowl and Ramen on Veterans Ave.


Tell us one random fact about yourself!

I have a scar in the cornea of my left eye from a piece of silica!


Why are you excited to work for Emerging Prairie?

I am very excited to be involved in the innovation and research side of agriculture.


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