Community, we’ve got news! Emerging Prairie added a teammate in February: Jana Tronier (pronounce Tron-Yay!). Jana joins us in the role of Operations Administrator. She will make sure Emerging Prairie keeps running smoothly, taking on many operational duties including keeping our books in order, the day-to-day operations of the Prairie Den, and providing administrative support to the EP team and our events.

Jana has a wealth of experience in operations management and is a Master Gardener to boot. She is an advocate for mental health as well as a spokesperson/survivor for the American Heart Association and Go Red for Women.

janaMeet Jana

Nickname: I’ve got a couple: “Banana” or “Nanners.”

Hometown: Orange, California but I’ve lived in Fargo for decades, so Fargo.

What’s one thing about Fargo you wish non-natives knew or understood about the area?

Fargo is not what you think.  It’s not the “ya, you betcha,” basement church ladies making casseroles kinda town. It’s a vibrant, diverse city with so much to offer.  I always say that we don’t have to travel the world: the world came to us.

What do you do in your free time? 

0127171809When the snow starts to melt I can’t get outside fast enough to inspect what spring has given me.  Once the snow melts you will find me outside in my flower beds from dawn to dusk.  I’m also a huge Portlandia fan, “put a bird on it!”  I just learned how to snowboard and love it!  I convinced my husband to snow blow a hill in our backyard for me to practice on.  It’s my hope to be ready for Big Sky in 2018.  I love football, both my sons played in high school so it grew on me, I even watch the draft.

What’s your favorite hidden gem that you’ve discovered so far in Fargo? 

SOMA (South of Main Ave. on 8th).  My favorite shops are Rando Art Studio and Downtown Diva – Marjorie is a hoot!

How did you first hear of Emerging Prairie? 

Happened upon it on my quest for employment…(where have you been all my life EP?)

As a new member of the EP team, what are you most looking forward to?

I am so excited to be part of an amazing team and an organization that inspires and has such a positive impact on the community, actually making a difference.  I look forward to connecting with the community on a level beyond what I thought was possible and contributing my skills and talents to ensure everyone around me is able to flourish and succeed.

Be sure to welcome Jana when you see her around at 1 Million Cups Fargo and other Emerging Prairie events!

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