gI_60123_GlistenRecently launched and Fargo-based startup Glisten, specializing in retail sales of beauty and bodycare products, announced today that they have closed a $1 million seed round of investment.  The news comes as Glisten has in the past few weeks opened its online doors for business, and founder Tommy Leikas reports that the funding will be used to build inventory and expand marketing efforts to help the startup company grow.

Glisten stands out as one of the more exciting and recent Fargo-based online businesses serving a nationwide market and executing on distribution and operations from the center of the country.  But the focus for Glisten is on the customer.  Director of Brand Development, Sara Litton, says “We spend a lot of time thinking about beauty products, but we think even more about our customer’s experience. We want our customers to have an inspiring and fun interaction with us.”

We are excited to watch Glisten grow and expand, and to join the ranks of other Fargo-based online retail successes such as and the ever-present Swanson’s Health Products.  These many success stories show that North Dakota is an ideal place for such businesses to grow and thrive.

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Miguel Danielson