UPDATE: Emerging Prairie has launched a specific page in support of the Dakota Fiber Initiative. Check it out here and fill out the form to help us move forward!


An initiative to promote low-cost, widely available, and ultra-high speed Internet access to Fargo-Moorhead and other communities in the state of North Dakota, is gaining headway in local tech circles.  The initiative was launched by local tech magnate Doug Burgum during his keynote address at the recent State of Technology conference in Fargo.  The call to action was premised on the perfect storm of North Dakota’s substantial budget surplus, the relative ease of implementing infrastructure changes in a lower-population state, and the opportunity to bring cutting edge technology-focused businesses into North Dakota from states having substantial economic challenges.

Burgum likened the opportunity that North Dakota currently faces to that of large companies at the peak of their performance, facing the option of either resting on their laurels or innovating and investing in the future.  The “Fargo Dakota Fiber” initiative was well received by the audience of technology-focused entrepreneurs at State of Technology and there was a consensus that many in the room were interested in helping push the initiative forward.

Supporters of the Fargo Dakota Fiber initiative have taken to Twitter to organize themselves and their efforts.  A meeting of interested parties, open to the public, will be held on Thursday, August 29th from 9 AM to 11 AM at the Kilbourne Group offices at 210 Broadway, 3rd Floor, in Fargo.

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