Fargo-Moorhead Internships announced at 1 Million Cups

The snow might be falling, but businesses are gearing up and preparing for summer. Fargo- Moorhead businesses gathered at 1 Million Cups Fargo Intern Day to present their internship opportunities.


1 Million Cups is a weekly, free event designed to educate, engage and inspire entrepreneurs and the community. In addition to David Batcheller of Appareo System sharing about his business journey, 23 businesses shared about their 30+ internship opportunities. This special 1 Million Cups Fargo focused on creating networking opportunities for both students and businesses alike.


We have compiled the names and companies of all who announced on Wednesday morning at 1 Million Cups Fargo. Listed is the name of the company, the internships positions they’re hoping to fill and contact information available. Take a look and see if something catches your eye – then send an email or apply!


The 2019 Ultimate List of Fargo/Moorhead Internships


Looking for: Software Engineering Intern and Embedded Software Engineering Intern

Apply and Internship Descriptions: https://www.appareo.com/careers/


U.S. Department of Commerce

Looking For: Export Assistant Intern

Internship Description: https://2016.export.gov/northdakota/internship/index.asp

Contact and Apply: Heather Ranck, heather.ranck@trade.gov



Looking for: Event Coordinator Intern, Community Outreach Intern, and Mentors for Summer Camps

Apply and Internship Description: https://www.charism.org/jobs-and-internships

Contact: John Fisher, john.fisher@charism.org


Fargo Parks District

Looking for: Programming Intern, Human Resources Intern, Events Intern, Marketing Intern, Golf Marketing Intern.

Apply and Internship Description: https://fargoparks.atsondemand.com/

Contact: Elli Minette, eminette@fargoparks.com


Wex Health

Looking for: Fraud Analyst Intern, Software Engineer Intern, Quality Assurance Analyst Intern and Marketing Intern

Apply and Internship Description: https://wex.taleo.net/careersection/wex_wexinc/jobsearch.ftl

Contact: Justine Rittgers, jrittgers@wexhealthinc.com


Byte Speed

Looking for: Multiple Internships

Apply and Internship Description: https://www.bytespeed.com/contact-us/careers/

Contact: Anna Hanson, ahanson@bytespeed.com


Choice Bank

Looking for: Multiple Internships (Internship positions open in October)

Apply and Internship Description: https://choicefinancialgroup.com/getting-innovative-intern-programming/

Contact: Jess Lupkes, j.lupkes@bankwithchoice.com



Looking for: Lighting Intern, Video Intern, Audio Intern, Operations Intern

Apply: Email cover letter and resume to jon.walters@livewirenow.com

Contact: Jon Walters, jon.walters@livewirenow.com


The NDSU Center for the Study of Public Choice and Private Enterprise

Looking for: Communications and Marketing Intern

Apply: Send your cover letter, resume and other application materials to ndsu.pcpe@ndsu.edu

Contact: kali.l.christianson@ndsu.edu


Sanford Health

Looking for: Multiple internships across Fargo, Sioux Falls, Bemidji and Bismarck

Apply and Internship Description: https://sanfordhealth-internship.jobs/#tab-id-2

Contact: Tony Santos, Tony.Santos@sanfordhealth.org


Northwestern Mutual

Looking for: College Financial Representative, Financial Representative Intern, Wealth Management Advisor Intern and Marketing and Recruiting Intern

Internship Description: http://fargo.nm.com/~Internships.htm

Contact: Natalie Hilgers, natalie.hilgers@nm.com


Myriad Mobile

Looking for: Development Intern, Design Intern, Finance Intern and  Marketing Intern

Internship Description: https://myriadmobile.com/

Contact: Nathan Joraanstad, njoraanstad@myriadmobile.com


Senators Cramer’s Office

Looking for: Congressional Internship

Apply and Internship Description: https://www.cramer.senate.gov/internships

Contact: Cody Morsching, Cody_Morsching@cramer.senate.gov


Midwest Radio Fargo Moorhead

Looking for: Sales Intern, Marketing Intern and On-Air Broadcasting Intern

To Apply, Contact: Zero, zero@mwcradio.com



Looking for: Marketing/Social Media Intern

To Apply, Contact: Peter Chamberlain, peter@walkwise.com


3D Fuel

Looking for: Community Engagement Intern and Digital Content Intern

Internship Description: https://www.3dfuel.com/pages/careers-with-3d-fuel

To Apply, Contact: Jon Schneider, jschneider@3dfuel.com



Looking for: Finance Intern, HR Intern and Marketing Intern

To Apply, Contact: Cole Mercier, cole.mercier@aldevron.com



Looking for: Multiple internships

Internship Description: https://careers.microsoft.com/us/en/search-results?rt=university&keywords=Intern

To Apply, Contact: Sandi Piatz, gofargo@microsoft.com



Looking for: Graphic Design Internship and Social Media Internship

Apply and Internship Description: https://coschedule.workable.com/

Contact: Brandy Miller, brandy.miller@coschedule.com


Discovery Benefits

Internship Description: https://www.discoverybenefits.com/about/careers

Contact: Katie Schultz, kschultz@discoverybenefits.com


American Family Agency

Internship Description: https://www.amfam.com/about/careers/internships

Contact: Mike Sojka, msojka@amfam.com


Elinor Coatings

Looking for: Marketing Internship

To Apply, Contact: Dante Battocchi, info@elinorcorp.com


Mattress by Appointment Fargo

Looking for: Sales Management Intern

To Apply, Contact: mbafargo@gmail.com


Field of View

Looking for: Software Development Intern

To Apply, Contact: David Divorak, info@fieldofviewllc.com

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