Jumpr, a mobile app for ridesharing in the Fargo-Moorhead area, has officially launched as of this week. Locals Matt Sullivan and Jordan Nelson have been working on the app for over a year, with much anticipation from locals tired of messy carpooling pages on Facebook.

Sullivan, who is the co-founder of Jumpr and a huge nerd (according to Facebook), said they are still working on improving the app and hope the early access will reveal any bugs or kinks early on.

He has already begun using the app himself, posting a trip to Grand Forks and asking $15 for each seat. The app shows the driver profile, the price, ad offers the option to book a round trip, if needed. With a profile, users can also see if the driver has mutual friends or not.

Sullivan recently quit his job as a software developer at local drone startup Botlink, and since then was able to double down on Jumpr, he said.

“I’ve gotten more work done on Jumpr in the past month since quitting than I did the year before that,” he said.

He currently resides in the Fargo Startup House, a home that offers free housing for entrepreneurs, and works on Jumpr full time. It’s a bit like jumping off a cliff and building the plane as you fall, he said.

But he and Nelson, who is a graphic designer for Botlink, are betting that Jumpr will take off. Already the concept has been widely accepted and used across Europe but no one has successfully brought it to the United States yet.

The two plan to integrate the app first in the Fargo-Moorhead area, focusing on the local universities and students often traveling to and from home, or the Twin Cities. If that begins to gain traction the app could then expand, potentially across the entire country.

Sullivan said a long term dream is to take a cross country road trip entirely using the sharing economy. For instance, using Jumpr to ride from state to state and Airbnb or couchsurfing to stay at other people’s houses.

For now, however, the Jumpr team encourages locals to list their rides on the mobile app and get paid for their carpools. Check it out here.


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