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A North Dakota State University student and mother, Lydia Gregersen, is the founder and creator of Skin2. Gregerson is seeking to create a product that has the barrier of protection of a latex glove combined with the physical protection of a leather glove. “Skin2 emerged from seeing my brother’s damaged diesel mechanic hands… he needed the protection of thick gloves with the mobility of a regular hand,” explained Gregersen.

After graduating high school in Elk River, Minnesota, Gregersen began studies in mechanical engineering at NDSU. As a sophomore, Gregerson was named an NDSU innovation fellow, an organization created by her mentor in entrepreneurship, Dr. David Wells. “Dr. Wells was the biggest reason I pursued entrepreneurship at NDSU… he was my cheerleader and challenged me to get into the university innovation fellows,” said Gregersen.

The spark to bring innovation to industries like diesel repair, the medical industry and military came from Greg Tehven. “‘What pisses you off?,’ is a question from Greg Tehven that stuck with me… then I noticed my brother was pissed off because of the pain he experienced from his job. Skin2 is seeking to solve that problem,” explained Gregersen. Currently, there is a market for a liquid glove, but Gregersen is seeking to bring both dexterity and protection in her Skin2 product.

Over the last two years, Gregersen’s family has been supportive of her venture with Skin2. Although Gregersen is an NDSU innovation fellow, the Skin2 company exists outside of the university system. “This entire process has been self-driven… I have done market research, product development, and future projections of the company (i.e. Skin2 plans are currently written out on a 4×6 whiteboard in my bedroom so my 1-year old can’t destroy them),” said Gregersen.

As Gregersen completes the last stages of product development, the goal is to provide a second layer of skin for protection. Gregersen foresees the use of Skin2 as a replacement of latex gloves for nurses, socks for military soldiers, gloves for auto mechanics, and even an extra layer of protection for motorcycle riders. “Skin2 is going to have multiple uses… The application process will be just like painting nails: Apply a base coat, add the product layer, and finish with a topcoat,” explained Gregersen.

Because of the entrepreneurial community of Fargo, Gregersen has been inspired to create Skin2. Through the attending of 1Million Cups Fargo, the inspiration of Dr. David Wells, and the experience gained through NDSU Innovation Fellows, Gregersen is excited to start Skin2 in Fargo. “As an intern with Advance Bone Technology (a company born out of my time with Dr. Wells), I got to see the energy of the Fargo start-up community and learn firsthand lessons of a start-up,” said Gregerson.

Learn more from Lydia Gregersen and Skin2 as she speaks at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 at 9:15 a.m. at The Stage in Island Park.

Brent McNeal