Mark Rheault is a serial entrepreneur that calls Fargo his home. His work experience includes pushing a lawnmower up and down the street as a child, service in the United States Air Force, selling vacuum cleaners in college and starting 4 companies since 1999. “I consider myself an inventor…and I learn from every step I take as an entrepreneur,” explained Mark.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem at Work

Since 2011, Mark has been the CEO of Infinite Leap, which provides services and products to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and experience for hospitals. The health care industry is not new to Mark. In 2006, he co-founded Intelligent Insights, another Fargo-based company, which provides a software platform for hospitals utilizing real-time location services. Mark noticed a reoccurring issue most hospitals faced when implementing new software: there was no one in the market offering services to install software products for hospitals.

During Mark’s entrepreneurial journey in Fargo, he connected to others in the start-up ecosystem that exist in the region. For example, while Mark was the first employee at BeAtHome and the founder of NorthPoint Professionals in the early 2000s, he met Barry Batcheller. In 2003, Barry founded Appareo, also in Fargo, and Mark attributes the service model of Infinite Leap to the system Barry implemented at his company. “I learned from Barry that a company could build up intellectual property and offer services…which could then lead to creating products to sell,” explained Mark.

With this service-focused mindset, Mark launched two companies for the health care industry. Radiant Vibe connected social media and healthcare, and Infinite Leap offers a service to hospitals installing real-time location software.  “The name [Inifinite Leap] was inspired by the aspiration and commitment to help clients make ‘infinite leaps’ in improving their operations,” explained Mark. From day one in early 2011, Infinite Leap grew rapidly compared to Radiant Vibe and it became the company that Mark placed his emphasis.

Improving Hospital Experience

Recently, Mark and Infinite Leap have used the momentum of their service business to create products to further improve the hospital experience for the patients, employees, and administration. Mark describes the technology being used is “similar to a GPS system that tracks patients, staff, and equipment throughout a hospital.” In a hospital, like current customer Wake Forest Baptist Health, there could be upwards of 10,000 sensors gathering information. The services and products of Infinite Leap process the information to improve communication for everyone involved.  Currently, there are five products offered that provide solutions including waiting room management, surgery status updates, real-time patient feedback, and status screens informing patients and staff of pertinent information.

Mark shared that the goal of Infinite Leap is to “transform the way hospitals deliver care.” The success of Infinite Leap is the culmination of an experienced serial entrepreneur putting the pieces together of a start-up ecosystem, life experience, and a service that improves hospital experiences.

Learn more from Mark Rheault and Infinite Leap as he speaks at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at 9:15 a.m. at The Stage at Island Park.

Brent McNeal