Today Fargo’s tech scene made national news in a feature by Fortune Magazine titled, “Inside Fargo: America’s Most Undervalued Tech Hub.”

The article starts with a bang, with these lines:

“It gets 50 inches of snow a year and is so cold that its bikeshare moves inside for the winter. But its homegrown tech community is on fire.”

Freelancer Melanie Kaplan paid a visit to our northern city a few months ago, after hearing about the activity happening in the tech scene. She wrote that she envisioned Fargo as “a burst of Technicolor popping from a vast expanse of plains.”

Apparently, the city did not disappoint. Kaplan writes about the communal vibe of the city, describing her tour of Fargo as reminiscent of “the familiarity and ease with which students can have impromptu and rich conversations while walking across a college quad.”

Also similar to college, Kaplan met a lot of people in a short amount of time. During her few fruitful days in Fargo, she spoke with or learned about a variety of local startups. Here’s a list of the ones that were named (either directly or by description) in the article:

Botlink, Danielson Legal, TEDxFargo, On My Own, Protosthetics, Prairie Den, Appareo Systems, Microsoft, Myriad Mobile, Packet Digital, Kilbourne Group, Intelligent InSites, Arthur Ventures, The Fargo Brewing Company, Unglued, Hammock Initiative, Midwest Streams, Folkways, Emerging Prairie, Big 4 Productions, Fargo Startup House and Girl Develop It Fargo.

Although she wasn’t here long, Kaplan picked up quickly on the strong emotional ties many Fargoans have to each other and to their city.

“I found a level of enthusiasm typically reserved for young political candidates offering hope and promising change,” she wrote. “More than once, I saw someone get choked up talking about the place they call home.”

The enthusiasm behind the stories she heard made it “easy to root for the underdog that is Fargo,” Kaplan wrote.

It’s a common theme in the article, one locals know well. As Fargo ambassador Greg Tehven is quoted saying, “It’s about increasing the amount of love in our community.”

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