Today at the State of Technology event, the first dedicated drone marketing company in the United States announced its official launch right here in Fargo.

Introducing Launchboxx, a full-service advertising and marketing team that specializes in the quickly evolving drone industry.

drone marketingLaunchboxx is the brainchild of Brian Jorvig, a marketing specialist at Absolute Marketing Group. Its inception, he said, all started with a phone call. He called up Shawn Muehler, COO of Botlink, out of personal intrigue to what they were doing.

Jorvig has always loved things with wings, he said, and has been a pilot now for 3 years. The explosive growth of the drone industry has turned him into a drone enthusiast as well.

“I’ve never seen anything in my life that’s changing things so much, and changing so quick,” he said. “It’s absolutely insane. You can’t go a day without people talking about drones on the news.”

Building the drone patch

As he continued to work with Botlink, started attending monthly Drone Focus meet-ups, and then experienced the first Drone Focus Conference that happened in June, Jorvig realized something incredible was happening in North Dakota.

“People think of North Dakota as the oil patch,” he said. “But they’re starting to realize we’re a drone patch as well.”

What he saw as a consistent problem, however, is an inability for drone companies to “cut through the clutter.” While everyone is rushing to strike rich in the Gold Rush of the drone industry (Drone Rush, if you will), Jorvig saw a serious lack of marketing ability.

“The industry is moving so fast, it’s incredibly hard for people to stand out,” he said.

Shawn Muehler, COO of Botlink and Launcboxx’s first customer, saw the same problem.

“Most of the information currently in the marketplace is confusing or not ending up in front of the right people,” Muehler said.

drone marketing

Shawn Muehler, Botlink (left) and Brian Jorvig, Launchboxx (right)

The first drone marketing company in the U.S.

Here’s where Jorvig’s background as a marketing specialist and his passion for drones came together. He teamed up with MacDalton Berns, marketing advisor and partner at Absolute Marketing Group, and pitched this idea: a marketing agency specifically dedicated to the drone industry.

No other drone marketing agency like this currently exists, Jorvig said, so Launchboxx is the first to market.

Needless to say, he got the OK and Launchboxx was born. It currently exists under Absolute Marketing Group and consists of a small team. They spend most of their time heavily researching the drone industry both regionally and nationally, Jorvig said.

As the first drone dedicated marketing agency in the United States, Jorvig said he is excited to continue drawing more attention to the growth of North Dakota as “the drone state.”

“We want to make this drone patch come alive,” he said.

Photos courtesy of Launchboxx.

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