This morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, Fargo startup Dog IDs customized dog collars were featured on the “Deals and Steals” section.

dogids-logo-182x80The segment aired this morning to millions of viewers, from 7 – 8 AM Central Time.

“This is really fun if you’ve got a dog,” says ABC’s Tory Johnson, presenting dogIDs embroidered collars on the show. “What I love about these beautiful collars from dogIDs is that you embroider the name and phone number, so there’s no hanging tags on these.” Watch the video, here!

Clint Howitz, dogIDs Founder and “Pack Leader”, said that Good Morning America contacted them a few years ago, and have since featured their products 5 times. This time, however, their website traffic is higher than ever. So much so, that the website went down.

“Our sales are already 10 times what they would normally be this time of day… this morning it was higher than we have ever seen from one of these promotions,” he said. “Our site went down and it is still not operating well. Who knows what sales would have been at this point if things would have went smoothly!”

For the team, Howitz said, things are exciting but also extremely busy.

“It’s a great challenge that brings the team together,” he said.


The dogIDs team.

Learn more about dogIDs, here!

Photos courtesy of dogIDs.

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