One year ago today, Annika Nynas officially joined Emerging Prairie as the event-planner extraordinaire and first official employee. Today, we celebrate her and her year with Emerging Prairie (and what better way to celebrate than with a giant donut from Sandy’s Donuts?)


What’s that parrot doing there…

And, in honor of this special day, the other team members of Emerging Prairie each compiled 5 words they would use to describe her, and one thing she brings to the team that they are particularly thankful for. Annika, this one’s for you!

Annika is…

Sam: Positive, Energetic, Design Oriented, Involved, Persistent

Jake: An executor of epic events.

Greg: Committed, impactful designer, reliable and extraordinary.

Marisa: Spunky, intelligent, hilarious, professional, parrot-y.

Miguel: Dedicated.  Fun.  Creative.  Activated.  Passionate.

We are thankful for…

Sam: Annika is a committed team player who continually strives to elevate the quality of Emerging Prairies events!  Her work really helps to make EP’s events special.

Jake: Her follow through and always smiling face!

Greg: So thankful that she said yes to becoming EP’s first employee!

Miguel: Her great attitude and positive vibe.

Marisa: From day one, Annika invited me to be a part of the team in the most welcoming way possible. She’s one of those people that is just so much fun to be around. I’m so thankful for all our adventures we’ve had in the past few months. Especially this one.


We love you Annika! Happy 1 Year!

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