Looking for a job in the Fargo-Moorhead region? Look no further! Here’s a few companies actively hiring, as announced as today’s 1 Million Cups Fargo live job board (held every first Wednesday of the month!):

Real Truck.com

Looking for: Executive assistant, 2 graphic designers, 2 brand manager assistants, 2 web developers (front-end, back-end), 5 customer service specialists, returns specialist, digital marketing intern, graphic design intern, and general intern. (Full list here)

Contact: Kevin Struxness, kstruxness@realtruck.com


PRx Performance

Looking for: Marketing intern, sales representative, part-time warehouse & shipping

Contact: Rachel Rice, rachelr@prxperformance.com


Finnu Designs

Looking for: Woodworking help, marketing interns

Contact: AJ Eckberg, aj@finnudesigns.com


For more jobs, check out Emerging Prairie’s Job Board!

(P.S., if you’re a recruiter and couldn’t make it to the live job board, posts on our job board are currently free of charge! Post a job here.)

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Marisa Jackels