Join us as we host our second annual Living Legends Day! At this special 1 Million Cups Fargo, we’ll be hearing from Steve D. Scheel of SCHEELS and Richard Solberg of Bell Bank, on October 24th at 9:15 am at the Stage at Island Park.

Steve D. Scheel was the CEO of SCHEELS until his son, Steve M. Scheel, was named the CEO of the sporting good company in 2015. Steve D. Scheel is the great grandson of one of the SCHEELS cofounders and is the company’s chairman of the board.

Richard Solberg became the CEO of Bell Bank, which was known as State Bank of Fargo, in 1982 and served in that role until his son, Michael Solberg, was named the CEO of Bell Bank in 2014. During Solberg’s time at Bell Bank, the company grew from a single location in Fargo to multiple locations across the midwest. Solberg now serves as the board chairman of Bell Bank.

Throughout the event, both Scheel and Solberg will share about business growth, the importance of community, leadership, and company values and culture. If you can’t join us in person, you can join us online thanks to Click Content Studios!  Tune into one of these websites on October 24th at 9:15 am to find the livestream: