Earlier this year, we started following the trail of Fargo-made video game On My Own as they gained popularity around the world. Now, less than a year after its release, co-creators Kyle Weik and Chad Close have announced they will be debuting the final version of the game on Xbox One.

“I’ve been playing Xbox for the last 8-9 years,” Close said. “To develop something for it, that everyone is going to be able to play and see… it’s going to be awesome.”


Left: Chad, Right: Kyle. They design the game on railroad tracks. (Maybe.)

On My Own, a 2D woodland survival game featuring a philosophical backpacker, was accepted via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program. The final version is slotted to be released by the end of 2015, the team said.

On My Own will be the first Fargo-made video game to hit a major console, which marks a huge win for the gaming community.

“Everyone is a hobbyist, or part-time, just making a little bit of money,” said Kyle Weik, creator of a monthly Fargo Game-Maker meet-up for local game designers. “If we can be the first to plant the flag, and say we are a full-time game studio, I hope that that increases everyone’s resolve. Competition just helps everyone.”

They are also in the process of expanding to other major consoles, the team said, although they can’t disclose exactly which ones just yet.

The game is being co-published by Beach Interactive, creator of Abettor’s Letters, and Close Studios, Close’s independent gaming studio. Beach Interactive co-founder Sarah English joins the team as writer.

Cody Qualley is currently composing music for the game, from a very ‘On My Own’-esque home studio in the forest, heated by firewood. (I was able to hear a preview and frankly, it’s amazing. Coming soon to iTunes.)

On My Own in real life

With major consoles on the horizon, the team is buffing up their wilderness skills to make the game even more of an experience.

In order to get a taste of what that little backpacker is really going through, the team recently went on a weekend of wilderness survival with Future Necessities – something English says she’s “secretly always wanted to do.” The trip involved creating arrows with duct tape fletching, a deadfall trap out of sticks and stones, starting a fire, and learning about medicinal plants and herbs.

“I was surprised how much we learned about our game,” Close said.

On My Own

They don’t mess around.

For instance, the Future Necessities leaders said a knife is first and foremost the most important tool to have in the wild. After the trip, the team is now adding a knife, integrating the medicinal plants, and a “quick-and-dirty” bow and arrow creation to the game.

One main takeaway for Weik was how much energy living in the wild really takes.

“Some people sa, cutting down the tree in the game uses up too much energy,” Weik said. “And now I’m like, you know what? Go chop down a tree. Then come talk to me.”

“It all comes out of this care, that the game is as accurate as possible so that it inspires people,” English said.


Weik, English and Close.

Videos of their adventures are coming soon, so stay tuned on their blog.

Not so On My Own.

On My Own currently has over half a million unique users from around the world. Their top countries are the United States and China.

“We’re almost in every country in the world. Although we still haven’t broken into North Korea,” Weik said.

On my Own

On My Own around the world.

Since the game debuted in January, 13.6 years of total game time have been played. That includes chopping down over 428 million trees, and eating 130,000 rabbits, Close said.

“I love looking at this,” Close said, scrolling through the analytics. “Look, we’ve interacted with about 5,000 days of people’s lives.”

“It’s one of those things you really don’t think about it, its not until you meet someone and they say, ‘yeah I played this.’” Weik said. “That’s where the hard work is worth it.”


Cover photo by Liv Photography.

Photos courtesy of On My Own.

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