Startup Drinks is TONIGHT! Get excited. We have a few more Captains that we’re able to present today, starting off with the incredible James “Jim” Bastian.


Jim Bastian and one of his magnetic phone mounts on his own phone.

A few weeks ago, Jim rocked the stage at 1 Million Cups as our oldest, most experienced inventor. The retired PhD scientist has been inventing for all 89 years of his life; his works include being project leader for developing Calcitonin (the first successful drug for treatment of bone disease), a game-changing painting method that is still used today, a walker-treadmill hybrid, and most recently, magnetic phone mounts. He’s currently building up his startup selling these products with his startup, Magnetic Phone Mount.

Here’s a little more about the one and only Jim Bastian! Come meet and chat with him tonight, 5 PM at Boerth’s Gallery. Sign up here!

Jim “Jimmie” Bastian: The Tireless Inventor

Jim Bastian Selfie


Q: Do you have a nickname?

A: My nickname is “Jimmie”

Q: Any awkward tattoos? If so, please describe.

A: No tattoos – too old for that!

Q: If you could describe your startup as an animal what animal would it be?

A: My wife, Helen, suggests “Turtle”.

Q: What is one of the most influential books you’ve ever read?

A: Homo Evolutis

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

A: China

Q: What is one the coolest places you’ve traveled?

A: Japan, a skiing spot in northern Japan.

[From 1 Million Cups…]

Q: With 89 years of experience, what’s your advice for entrepreneurs?

A: Maintain your drive.

Jim Bastian 1MC

Jim Bastian receiving the first standing ovation at 1MC.

Thanks for sharing “Jimmie!” Come meet him and the rest of our Captains tonight at Startup Drinks.

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Photos courtesy of Jim Bastian and Marisa Jackels.

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