Meet Kent, one of 13 students in the first cohort at Emerging Digital Academy (EDA).


Kent was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota and grew up as an Army kid since his mother was enlisted at the time. In turn, he spent some time when he was older in the North Dakota Army National Guard as a Mechanic and Automated Logistics Specialist. He loves passing the time with bowling, Dungeons and Dragons, and coincidentally — coding! 


Prior to learning about EDA, Kent spent quite a bit of time searching for potential schools to attend online, but was hesitant about the fact that none were located nearby. When he found out that EDA was launching, he was excited that North Dakota was getting its first coding bootcamp and was determined to be a part of it. 


Why EDA?

“EDA being the first coding school in North Dakota was definitely the main factor in my decision to enroll. On top of that, the curriculum and the tech stack being taught aligns perfectly with what I was looking for in a school,” Kent shared.


For him, the most interesting aspect of the program so far has been the ability to interact and learn alongside his peers in the cohort. 


“It’s been a huge motivation and inspiration to be able to reach out, ask each other questions, and help whenever possible,” he said. 


Kent is looking forward to diving into databases and is excited to work on client projects for the remaining part of the program. His goals after graduation are to join the growing tech industry in North Dakota, and help further it any way he can. Kent is particularly interested in working at companies that started out locally and is eager to put his knowledge into practice.  


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