The intersection between technology and agriculture is where Peter, feels most at home. With international experiences and North Dakota in his blood, “Pete” is positioning himself to be a thought leader for the Ag. tech industry. Not to mention in his free time, he is creating opportunities for community members in the FM area to connect with each other through food and culture. Learn more about Peter’s experiences and get ready for another guest writer in the Emerging Prairie line-up.

10854480_10101961222751238_21272196827491334_o-e1431026205549Nickname: Most often “Pete”. When I lived in the Dominican Republic I had random people on the street say “Mas alto” (meaning really tall or higher).

Your organization/business name: Myriad Mobile

What topics will you be focusing on in your writing?

Technology in agriculture. Much to write about around data, IoT, and many other topics facing the industry.

Where is home for you?

Home is where my family is. I was born/raised in Kulm, ND. In other phases of my life, I lived in Malta and spent 5 years in the Dominican Republic where my first daughter was born. Currently residing in beautiful downtown Fargo.

What brought you to Fargo, ND?

Fargo has been a landing spot for me a few different times in my life. First for college when I attended Concordia. I moved away to the Dominican Republic and then came back to Fargo for a new job. After a bit I left Fargo to go back to Kulm, then came back most recently because of everything AWESOME that is happening downtown! Seriously the culture that has been created by Myriad Mobile, Emerging Prairie, and the Prairie Den were some of the top reasons to come back.

What is your personal or professional BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)?

Take my experience in the ag/feed industry combined with my knowledge of technology to be the premier thought leader in this industry, connecting industry needs with current and future technology.

On a scale of non-techie to tech guru, where do you fall?

Dangerously close to guru.

What is your role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Building community through the International Potluck – a simple event I started at the Den which has now grown to a 100 person program at the Plains Art Museum. I’m a Partner at Myriad Mobile and also a co-founder of a tech startup in the animal nutrition industry.

When you’re taking time for you, what’s your go-to?

I love to read, do some CrossFit at IceHouse, dabble in photography, dream up ideas, cook and enjoy meeting new people.

What’s your favorite hidden gem that you’ve discovered so far in Fargo?

I really love 20 Below Coffee. They opened up shop the same day I moved back to Fargo. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy great coffee and meet new people. Second hidden gem is the book club I created with Jake Kohl last year.

How did you first connect with Emerging Prairie?

Myriad is closely tied to EP and I had the opportunity to meet Greg through Myriad and our frequent connections at 20 Below. I went to the first Startup Drinks and have been involved ever since…whether it’s using the space for events, networking with the talented group of people there, or helping with programs like the Summer Interns, I try to dedicate time each month to contributing to EP’s involvement in our community.

What is the best way to connect with or get into contact with you?

Look me up on Twitter – @peterfromfargo or txt me at 701.269.0187

Lindsay Breuler