Jared Kamrowski is the founder of Thrifty Traveler, a website that teaches how to travel the world by taking advantage of reward programs and flight deals. Thrifty Traveler began as Jared’s hobby to travel the world on a budget that resulted in a start-up company. “I figured out a method of how to travel on the cheap… Then people wanted to know how I did it,” explained Jared.

The Hobby Beginning

Jared was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota and attended Fargo South High School. He earned a finance and accounting degree from the University of North Dakota, which led to a job with the FDIC as a Certified Public Accountant. As a CPA, Jared traveled to different cities for weeks at a time racking up credit card rewards points. “After I got done working for the day, I would take the evenings to explore different vacations I could afford for with my earned rewards points,” explained Jared.

In 2013, Jared got married and continued his hobby of traveling the world. “Our friends and family began asking us to let them in on the secret of how we could afford to travel the world as a young married couple that wasn’t apparently rich,” said Jared. Noticing the intrigue from others and with the enticement of his wife, Jared set out to start a blog that would highlight the knowledge he had gained from frugally traveling the world through the use of credit card reward programs.

After brainstorming themes and content for the blog, Jared landed on the name Thrifty Traveler. However, a woman that created a traveling newsletter and posted it online in the 1990s owned the domain name. It took over a year to obtain the domain name, but in 2015 Jared purchased it and began working on ThriftyTraveler.com. “At first I focused on writing content on utilizing credit card rewards programs… but over time thrifty traveler has found a niche in international flight deals,” explained Jared.

The Company’s Future

Currently, the website contains money-saving content for traveling around the world with an emphasis on credit card reward programs and international flight deals. In 2016, Thrifty Traveler became a resource for flight deals because of the growing demand from the audience built over the course of a year. Using an algorithm and daily internet searches, Jared posts content on the Thrifty Traveler and recently expanded with a premium subscription service. “International flight deals have become my bread and butter because everyone wants a good deal but they do not have the time to find it,” shared Jared.
After the shift towards sharing daily deals in 2016, Jared launched the Thrifty Traveler Premium product. This subscription service brings flight deals to customers on a daily basis that provides international destinations at low prices. In 2017, the success of the premium service, as well as other partnerships, has led to Jared working full-time for Thrifty Traveler. “I look forward to expanding the content of our website to include flight deals outside of Canada and the United States… because travel is a worldwide industry,” explained Jared.

Learn more from Jared Kamrowski and Thrifty Traveler as he speaks at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 at 9:15 a.m. at The Stage at Island Park.

Brent McNeal