Calling all mug clubbers!

Next Wednesday, March 11, we are going to have a special celebration at 1 Million Cups Fargo featuring those 10-time mug clubbers that are tried and true 1 Million Cups attendees.

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For those who are wondering what in the world a mug-clubber is, no, it is nothing dangerous or violent. The highly coveted 1 Million Cups mugs are granted to those who have been to 1 Million Cups ten times. On the tenth time, when asked “Who has been here 10 times?” you can then raise your hand, proceed to the stage, and are bestowed with a mug. Of course you have to have a little bit of embarrassing spotlight as well, where you tell the audience why you love 1 Million Cups.

Answers in the past have included, ” I love meeting new people,” “I come back for the energy and hearing about awesome startups,” and “It’s better than school.”

Next Wednesday we want to celebrate all you mug clubbers! Exactly what festivities will ensure, that’s a surprise. We only ask that you come, and that you bring your mug (naturally).  Non mug clubbers you are absolutely all welcome as well. It’s going to be a grand old time!

If you want to get a little snippet of 1 Million Cups, check out this video:

See you Wednesday! We will be hearing from Kyle Weik, co-creator of video game On My Own. 1 Million Cups is at 9:15 AM at the Stage at Island Park.

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