Myriad Mobile, North Dakota’s largest mobile company, opened their doors to a new office in Minneapolis, MN, in early July. This will be their seventh office location, and their first in Minnesota. Myriad Mobile, a mobile solution specialist, has set their sights on the mobile expansion opportunities available in the Twin Cities area.

The opening ceremony, which was free and open to the public, was assisted by the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, July 12th, 2014.

Myriad prides itself in community and service as a corporation, and has been hosting events in Minneapolis to help the city expand their mobile capabilities. Their App Strategy Workshop is just one of the many events that has been successful in bridging the gap between communities and diversifying the mobile market. This event, held on July 10th, was moderated by CEO and co-founder Jake Joraanstad.

“The expansion is more than a statement of Myriad’s growth – it’s a statement of the strong relationship between Fargo and Minneapolis,” Joraanstad said in a release by the company.

Their team is now located in Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Kansas City, Denver, Los Angeles, and Fargo. With their continued growth, they will help companies develop their mobile solutions across the country.

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Lindsay Jacobs