On Tuesday night, December 2, a group of developers and other interested folks gathered in the classy confines of CoCo Fargo for a meet-up called NSFargo. Yes, we wrote yesterday about the game-maker meet-up group created by Kyle Weik; turns out there are quite a few meet-ups in Fargo. Except this one is for the real hardcore nerds.

“We really want to make it as nerdy as possible,” said NSFargo co-organizer Brian Pattison, a Ruby-lovin’ developer at Codelation.

Pattinson at NSFargo

Pattison (left) and Burgess (right).

The group was started years ago by Pattison and long-time friend Bill Burgess, co-founder of Simply Made Apps as a way for nerds to get together and talk code. But just this past year the two friends decided to re-brand the group under the name NSFargo, which takes its prefix from the NeXTSTEP operating system that exists in a lot of Apple code like NSString, NSDate, etc.

“We’re Apple fanboys,” Pattison said. “[The NS prefix] tells the our story of being Apple fans to interested developers.”

He also clarified that they are not affiliated with other groups that use the same prefix, like NSBoston.

NSFargoThe initial idea to start a meet-up like this came when Pattison had a realization. He didn’t really know anyone.

“I was spending all my time at home or work,” he said. And he suspects that’s the case for a lot of Fargo closet nerds.

The meet-up aims to draw those developers out into the open, and bring them all together. A nerd social, if you will.

Since re-branding, the group has held monthly meet-ups for four or five consecutive months, Burgess said. The format of the event begins with a time for attendees to chat, and then a speaker presents on a topic.

On Wednesday night, Matthew Sullivan from Codelation presented about an organization in the works called Prairie.IO (stay tuned with the blog to hear more about Prairie.IO), and Pattison spoke about the nifty features of using Digital Ocean’s Dokku Application.

Pattison also revealed the new NSFargo website that he designed, where members can suggest topics and speakers for the events. You can also vote on the topics you find interesting.

NSFargo screenshot

This meet-up marked the group’s first time at CoCo, where it will continue to hold monthly meet-ups in 2015. Unlike previous meet-ups held at the cozy Simply Made App office across the skyway, everyone had a chair.

“Any other month we were basically packed to the gills,” Burgess said. “So having ample seating and bathrooms is a huge plus.”


Now that they have the space, the group has open arms to anyone who is interested to come and check it out. Although last night was a smaller group, they said the attendance averages around 17-20. They hope to have that many and more moving forward, and asked the group to invite all their developer friends to the next event.

The next meet-up will be held on January 6, 2015, at CoCo Fargo. The suggested topic on the website is iOS App Extensions and Widgets. The group encourages anyone interested to sign up, suggest a topic, and expects to see a whole crew of devs show up. Learn more, here.

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