UPS_RealTruck_ScottBintzFor, a North Dakota-based pick-up truck accessory company, an exciting new opportunity has emerged with one of their crucial partner companies, UPS. A recent 1 Million Cups presenter, has been ranked the 20th fastest-growing online retail outlet in North America. With over 60 employees and over 500,000 accessories, they are attracting attention for their commitment and success in the industry with an exciting announcement about a new advertising campaign with UPS magazine.

A new announcement declares that will be part of UPS’ recent national print-magazine campaign, giving them a large share of the spotlight. The ad features RealTruck’s CEO, Scott Bintz, playing air guitar on a billet grille in the automotive publication section of UPS magazine. This new campaign gives executives of leading automotive companies a chance to share the spotlight to show what they do best.

Thanks to Autogistics Solutions from UPS, the product shipping for RealTruck has been seamless and efficient. In 2013, RealTruck ended with $28.5 million in revenue, landing them as 2322 on the 2013 Inc. 5000 list.

Bintz and the rest of the crew accepts the campaign with gratitude and optimism. “It’s a positive affirmation for us to know that all of the hard work our entire staff puts in every day, with the goal of delivering more to our customers than they ever thought possible, is getting notice,” Bintz says.

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Lindsay Jacobs