logoOrganizers of North Dakota Women’s Startup Weekend have announced an event date of January 24th through the 26th, 2014.  The event follows Women’s Startup Weekend events in other noteworthy communities such as San Francisco and Seattle, and is the first Startup Weekend event to follow Fargo’s main Startup Weekend held in March of this year.

North Dakota Women’s Startup weekend will be held at the Dakota Medical Foundation, located at 4334 18th Ave S in Fargo and will begin at 6 PM on Friday, January 24.  Participants will, as in all Startup Weekend events, devote 54 hours of frenetic effort and energy into building the best startup business possible within that time period.  Participants begin the weekend by pitching any ideas they have for a business, those ideas are voted on, and then teams are formed around the winning ideas and the real work begins.

Participants are welcome from a variety of disciplines, including business, technical, and design.  The cost to attend is $75 for the entire weekend, and tickets are also available for those who wish to attend either or both of the opening pitch night or the keynote and judging night.  Information on ticketing can be found here.


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Miguel Danielson