Fargo game-makers Kyle Weik and Chad Close saw instant popularity when they released their On My Own video game last January; today, not two months later, their 2D adventure game has now reached 100,000 unique users.

“100,000 users is surreal,” Weik said. “But from an early point in release we knew we had hit a sweet spot in the game community. The feedback early on, and then the subsequent green light on Steam has prepared us for the long haul.”

As Weik mentioned, the team recently submitted the On My Own video game to Steam Greenlight, where users of the popular gaming platform can vote on what games they think are worth purchasing. On My Own was quickly Greenlit, and is now available on Steam.

This week they launched On My Own as an Early Access game on Steam; for $5.00, users can now purchase a more expansive version of the game and have access to all the newest content and features (like a snow biome!) before they launch on Mobile.

“It’s proving to be a win-win strategy for us and our users as well,” Weik said.

On My Own video game

On My Own video game Kickstarter fundraiser

The On My Own team is hoping to raise some funds so that they can continue growing the game. They are currently holding a Kickstarter fundraiser and were even voted as a Kickstarter staff favorite. Donors have the opportunity to test the game in Beta – the highest rewards include a stainless steel mug and survival booklet (in true backpacker fashion) and even a 3D-printed On My Own figurine.

The Kickstarter, which is pledged at $2,500, will end on March, 10, 2015.

On My Own is a product of local game design startup Beach Interactive. Chad Close also has an independent studio under the name Close Studios.

Read about the inspiration and design behind On My Own in our previously published story, here.

Photos courtesy of Kyle Weik.

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