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Others Highlights the Importance of Slow Fashion

Laura Peinovich, founder of Others, plans to highlight the collective power of communities to create lasting and impactful change at 1 Million Cups Fargo Fashion Day on February 5 from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. 1 Million Cups is partnering with Fargo Fashion Week in hopes to elevate the fashion industry!


About Laura

Laura Peinovich, founder of Others, received a Doctor of Pharmacy from North Dakota State University in May of 2012. She currently practices at Dakota Clinic Pharmacy, which she co-owns and operates during most of the daytime working hours. Her retail/operational experiences utilized in her day prove to be helpful in general oversight with Others, but she attributes its existence to Others’ team members who see through a shared vision day after day! Laura is a fiend for personality tests! She says, “realizing what it is that drives a person – what fuels them, irks them, grows and excites them in new ways – and then using that to continually collaborate and expand upon a shared vision, that is where the greatest fulfillment in my days comes from, both personally and professionally.”


About Others

Others is a boutique located in downtown Fargo, North Dakota. It was founded by Laura Peinovich in November of 2014. Laura explains that “on the surface, Others appears to be a kickass boutique in the heart of downtown Fargo, selling women’s clothing & jewelry, home interiors, and novelty gift items for all ages and interests. But with a slightly closer look, you will find stories woven through each item in the shop – stories of how each item was created in order to directly benefit the life of a person in need. At our core, we are a social venture, changing the world in big ways through the small joy of shopping with greater intent. As we like to say, we are more than just another shop.” Not only does Others help the customers who shop there, it does a double giveback! Laura says, “every item in the store is sourced from a company built upon doing good and giving back with each purchase.” Others donates 100% of store profit to grassroots initiatives, both locally and globally. Others was brought about not by a grand story but by a culmination of connecting many dots. Laura says, “It was a deep-rooted belief for the power of people and community, paired with recognizing a common theme for many who wished they could do more in the world, and then research upon research for how we could most effectively use our resources together to help people through uplifting trade rather than just providing aid.”


Event Details

1 Million Cups Fashion Day takes place on February 5 from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. and will be located at Richard H. Barry Hall at NDSU’s downtown campus. Attend the event to hear more about the importance of slow fashion and Others of Fargo, ND. Laura thinks it’s important to speak at events like 1 Million Cups because she thinks “community conversation is such an essential piece to ensuring he companies we are surrounded by are founded in our voices and our values”.

To keep up with Others and all that they are doing follow their Facebook and Instagram. However, if you want to receive exclusive discounts you will want to join their email list on their website homepage.

Emily Avdem

Emily is a student at NDSU and a Content Creator for The Nice Center, the entrepreneurial department located within NDSU's College of Business.