Hello and happy 4th of July weekend to readers in the United States!

Since it is a holiday weekend for many of us, we wanted to try something different this week by offering a podcast and video for you to enjoy during your long drive or after scarfing up copious amount of picnic foods.

If you want to get right to our episode on Imagination Differentiation, you can listen as an audio podcast or a YouTube video.

This episode is all about the “imagination differentiation.”

Unique experience provides an opportunity for one-of-a-kind creation.

As businesses and communities we should focus on local problems. When looking at local problems we have an “imagination differentiation” that enables us to see solutions others miss. This unique perspective breeds  creation that can exported to similar communities around the globe.

In this episode of the Digital Homesteading podcast, we discuss:

  • How necessity is the greatest source of inspiration
  • Why staying where you are creates unique perspectives others don’t have
  • How to educate for an imagination differentiation
  • Why the outhouse and Tesla prove you should build your project from right where you are

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Scott Meyer