Preventice, the medical applications company based out of Minneapolis with satellite offices in Fargo, announced their plan to merge with eCardio Diagnostics earlier this week. The strategic move allows for the melding of Preventice’s software and technical background with eCardio Diagnostics’ industry-leading cardiac monitoring products and services. As of mere hours ago, the companies together announced they will now be operating under the umbrella name of Preventice, Inc.


Preventice, with its Fargo-based investors and overall Midwest growth, has been making waves in the health industry since it began operations in 2007. Harnessing the many features of smartphones to serve the healthcare needs of anyone with a mobile connection, the organization has previously partnered with the prestigious Mayo Clinic to develop a product that effectively supports remote patient care.

The collaboration with eCardio Diagnostics allows for Preventice to utilize its expertise in software and development with eCardio’s widespread footholds in the cardiac monitoring and services marketplace. Although meshed together, the main offices will remain the same: Rochester, Minnesota, will remain a hub for research and product development, while the overarching business functions will be held at the Houston, Texas, office.

Both organizations are highly optimistic about their industry prospects and are ready to begin an effective and immediate alliance. President and global strategy officer of the new entity, Jon Otterstatter, stated, “We are excited about the opportunities that the combination with eCardio brings to accelerate, expand and leverage our shared values related to remote cardiac patient care.”

Keep an eye on this organization with its Fargo connections as it continues to innovate the health and technology-hybrid industry.

Read the full announcement of this merger here.

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Matt Gantz