Brady Nash, CEO of BNG Holdings, Inc., will be highlighting what it takes to be successful as an individual at 1 Million Cups Fargo on March 25 and will be held virtually through a Facebook livestream. 1 Million Cups will take place from 9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.


About Brady

Brady Nash, CEO and owner of BNG Holdings, Inc., believes that as an entrepreneur you can build a successful company without compromising in how you build it. Brady expands, “We believe in treating our employees well, and showcasing you can be profitable and still have a wonderful people-centric culture.” When I asked Brady about something fun he’d like people to know he shared, “I have never tried or consumed any alcohol in my life.”


About BNG Holdings, Inc.

BNG Holdings, Inc. was founded by Brady Nash, Ryan Goodman, and Tyler Buechler in 2007. The idea of the business came about when Brady and his college friends wanted to be entrepreneurs together and commit to the business owner lifestyle. Brady explained, “When we decided what kind of company we wanted to create, ultimately, we chose to become a business solutions provider. Starting in payment processing, we have continued to evolve into new industries and meet the needs of our clients.” BNG helps business owners of all sizes and helps “them target the areas of their business they need help with, be it scalability, reducing operational costs, and the other countless services it takes to keep a business running.” Ultimately, their mission is to be a provider of premium business solutions, and positively impact the way our clients do business.


Event Details

Brady plans to discuss what it takes to be successful as an individual and the art of personal achievement. Brady thinks events like 1 Million Cups is important because he believes, “every opportunity to speak at an event like this as a chance to plant a seed or water an existing one for anyone attending the event.  No matter what they want out of life, I hope I can pass along the knowledge I’ve received over the years and inspire others.”

This 1 Million Cups is themed Intern Day and I wanted Brady to shed some light on his perspective. He thinks interns are important for a business because “Internships are one of the best ways for college students to experience the workforce in a hands-on environment. Traditional colleges don’t always have the ability to teach the practical skills young professionals will need in the workplace. There’s a benefit for businesses as well. You can vet potential employees and have a mutually beneficial relationship from someone’s work while teaching them skills in their future careers.”

Again, this 1 Million Cups event will take place virtually through a Facebook livestream at 9:15 a.m. To learn more about BNG Holdings, Inc. you can visit their website or his CEO blog.

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