Andy Jorgensen saw an opening in the fireworks industry for a business that allowed customers to buy online and launched Fire Brothers Fireworks in response.

The business allows users to order fireworks on its website and pick them up. It also compiles photos and videos of the fireworks online so customers can see what they do before they buy.

Jorgensen presents at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, April 17.

The idea for Fire Brothers grew out of a stint managing a fireworks stand.

“I first managed a fireworks store in the Sioux Falls area and noticed it was completely devoid of all technology,” Jorgensen said. He observed customers loved watching videos of the fireworks on cell phones.

“Our goal is to innovate the fireworks industry with technology,” Jorgensen said.

The road to launching Fire Brothers involved some small hurdles. Jorgensen found a piece of land to use for the business, but at first he was denied a permit to operate on the land by the city of Sioux Falls, who worried about having a fireworks business close to homes.

Jorgensen petitioned the neighbors of the land and appealed the city’s decision successfully; however, by the time this approval was granted, Jorgensen noted there were only sixty days remaining to prepare the business’s launch before the Fourth of July. With help from community members, the business was operational in time.

Fire Brothers has operated for three seasons, starting in 2016. The business is open for the July 4 and New Year’s fireworks booms. A second location on the south side of Sioux Falls in its second year operating.

Jorgensen and fireworks go back a ways—he noted he’s enjoyed shooting them since he was a child, although back then he said he had somewhat less serious regard for safety than he does now.

“The passion was always just finding new ways to enjoy them,” Jorgensen said.

One of Jorgensen’s ambitions for Fire Brothers’ future is to establish a nationwide platform to allow people to order online and have fireworks shipped to their door. Fire Brothers started doing delivery of fireworks last year. However, there will be a number moving parts involved to achieve nationwide online ordering and shipping, since regulations surrounding fireworks sales tend to differ pretty greatly from state to state.

“Making sure we don’t get arrested is always our goal,” Jorgensen noted.

Another goal is opening a Fargo location in the future, and Jorgensen mentioned the company will be keeping an eye out for seasonal entrepreneurs in the area who are interested in this prospect.

For more information on Fire Brothers, visit 1 Million Cups Fargo takes place each Wednesday from 9:15 – 10:15 a.m. at The Stage at Island Park.

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